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  3. Recruitment Meeting

    Recruitment Meeting
  4. [IRA] Dylan O'Fell is this Goodbye?

    I'll always remember the great shootouts we had with you guys, good luck in the future bro!
  5. [IRA] Dylan O'Fell is this Goodbye?

    You will always be the daddy of the IRA
  6. [IRA] Dylan O'Fell is this Goodbye?

    Have a good one, we're gonna miss ya
  7. Hey all, one way or another you guys have probably met me at some stage through in game contact, casual chatting or one of the various Being helped rooms. I would first of all like to say as of today I still standby my opinion that this server has plenty of potential but unfortunately certain people stop it from reaching that point ( No names shall be given), as a result of this as of late player base as well not been exactly up to standards which in return makes it not exactly desirable for me to hop on the server for several hours at a time, Myself and my gang have tried staying on even when there's no other people on the server to build the population up yet our efforts where well... in vain. Gang stuff First of all let me state that when I first founded this gang here, Our original purpose was the following: Stop new civs or lone wolf players from getting robbed constantly from bigger groups i.e UO, PD To actually attempt to create RP in the server and not be all about gun fights. To bring some fun experiences to people in the server no matter cop, civ or esu Honestly in my my opinion I believe up-until this stage we fulfilled these points and I think quite a few people will agree with that statement, though I know alot of people will also disagree which I can understand as I know at times members of this gang can be a bit trigger happy or in short terms a "cunt" and for that I would like to apologize if it did make you guys in someway bitter towards the gang or to myself and if I do decide to continue playing on here I'll try to stick with those points and keep the gang under stricter super vision to follow the gangs protocols. Well is this goodbye? At this current point of time it's going to be looking like I will be parting ways with the server for now as well quite simply it's just not enjoyable like it use to be. I would like to thank every person I have met in the past three months for keeping me entertained and for not bringing me to support too many times aha, I can only hope I treated majority of you guys with respect for the most part. As a result of me leaving, Yesterday I took it upon myself to hand myself in with the remains of what use to be a big stash of weapons from the time We were at war with the Under Ground Outlaws if anybody is curious or wanted to raid me this is what ya could of got So folks guess All I can say is Goodbye for now and best of luck in the near future.
  8. Can't join the server

    okay thanks a lot will do
  9. Can't join the server

    If you head on to our Teamspeak: ts3.arma-roleplay.net I'm sure that on of the staff members will be there to help you out and get this solved. Just go to 'Requesting Help' and wait there until a staff member pulls you out.
  10. Can't join the server

    hey guys I don't know where I should ask this but here go's. I'm new to this server/role play and I can't seem to figure out why I can't join the server I've installed the mods and everything but it still says something is deleted like prison buildings and stuff like that so if anyone can help I'd appreciate it:)
  11. Things to watch

    A Dogs Purpose (2017) - Great movie. Interstellar (2014) - Great movie. Limitless (2011) - Great movie. 2:22 (2017) - Pretty good movie. A Storks Journey (2017) - Kinda cool. Gifted (2017) - Okay movie, [???] Ending. _____________________________________________ Impractical Jokers Suits Scream (The TV Series) APB (Discontinued after season 1 )
  12. So if there's 1 cop, then you and your buddy can't hop on and play?
  13. I feel as if adding more unnecessary constraints is just going to fuck up the population more
  14. Due to the loss of player-base in the past couple of weeks, I propose a temporary rule to help with the side effects of a sparsely-populated server, such as gang members being the only civilians online and completely annihilating the police force. My proposed rule is: "there may not be more members of your gang on than there are police at one time." This rule keeps it so that there is a fair fight between the police force and gang members, as both factions have access to similar firearms, armor, and vehicles.
  15. Things to watch

    Does anyone have any suggestion on movies/series to watch? I have run out of things to watch. I got a few for you guys swiss army man (2016) Baby Driver (2017) Baywatch (2017) CHIPS (2017) Kong Skull Island (2017) The Hitmans Bodyguard (2017) Passengers (2016) American Sniper (2014)
  16. Where are the players at m8?

  17. Jake

  18. Earlier
  19. Where are the players at m8?

    @Jackthejellybean too true
  20. G00D M3M3

    tf iz lakesied?
  21. G00D M3M3

  22. Where are the players at m8?

    I think we are all hoping for major changes, only time will tell i suppose
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