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    Self-explanatory. We need a new medical system which doesn't consist of just reviving people without doing anything. Please like for ESU!
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    Hello All, I wanted to start a Poll today just to see everyones opinions on the matter(i understand that this poll may end with an empty hand and nothing come of it but it's just a starter to see what people think). So to start off i've spoken to a few members of the community which have been here from the start and they would love to see Arma 2 Emita on arma 3 with the same rules so therefore i would like to see if many people would wish for this to come back(ovbiously we can change some rules or even keep the rules we have now for Emita). Secondly i know both are known developers Mark and Smith must have a hard time taking on all our demands, therefore i say we should reach an agreement where players can not only donate towards the community but to our developers and ones we may have in the future(this is increase the amount of people who will dev for the server and give them a rewards for helping out in there sparetime). Obviously i know noone will pay for them to have a yearly salary but if people put a donation of £2 in it will help out the devs. I have spoken to a few members of the community which will put money towards our devs and new developers.
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    All I can see from this thread are the Arma2 brigade circle-jerking and hyping up an idea that would completely and utterly devastate the already very thin playerbase. At the launch of ArmaRoleplay and ArmaRoleplay 2.0, I was one of THE most excited people.. excited for something new, something fun, finally a roleplay server that wasn't super serious but at the same time not what ILG/ILL had been. However, the excitement subsided shortly afterwards as it became increasingly apparent that the members of the server and community, could not shake the Arma2 attitude. New players who saw ArmaRoleplay rapidly climbing through the gametracker ranks were underwhelmed by the wasteland/deathmatch attitude of the majority of players and they simply left after a few sessions. Whether the server goes back to Arma2 style of gameplay or not, this will never be a fully-fleshed place where 'roleplay' can flourish because of the nostalgic attitude of the very players who are advocating the change highlighted in this suggestion. As little as it may mean... I would class myself as a loyal, passionate, hard-working player when I played here, and I was driven away by this attitude.
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    Perhaps told wrong? The backlog may be a concern but we never had an issue with communication. Anywho, aye I agree, the community attempted to jump from Arma 2's 'light-roleplay' to Arma 3 hardcore roleplay, which of course created a divide. Developers are hard to find and we're looking at every developer application coming in, and when we could, we offered a paid position. I like the idea of the donation product for the developers, and I'll discuss with SLT into having it added today/tomorrow. At this stage, we're very likely to be changing maps, I cannot confirm that it will be Kelley's island, but I can say that Lakeside is too big for us and too generic, to be honest. When we finally make the map change, we'll be reviewing all of our current rules and will adjust them to finally decide our identity - then players can make a decision based upon who we are to decide whether or not they will stay, leave or join.
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    Hello! I would like to put this out there, that it gets very annoying when ESU always has to call police to escort people to the stretcher(if AFK) or to get off the stretcher. This would also apply to like putting civilians into vehicles(stretchers). This just makes it easier on us because we would be able to do this in real life to help the person walk over to the stretcher(escorting if unconscious or just helping them to the stretcher). We would then be able to "Put civilian in car" to help them onto the stretcher, also allowing us to take them off when they arrive at the hospital. 50% of our patients go AFK in the time that they are in medical custody so this would just be a nice feature to add. I know other people do support this topic, and would love to see that love spread on this topic.
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    Few Things There is already a department for DOC however due to various reasons, we cannot keep people there. DOC staff have more to do than just look after prisoners, so them not being at DOC whilst it is empty will leave other areas very much open for the taking, for example the evidence locker. In regards to anything PD related, I am happy to speak to you privately as I cannot speak for server-side suggestions such as the make-shift weaponry whilst I do agree it would be nice to see.
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    Should we switch maps? Vote to let us know.
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    My specs: - CPU: Lay's 2.0 Potato Power Extreme - PSU: 600 Potatoes of awesomeness..... - GPU: Lay's Extreme Power slicer - Case: A Lay's potato chip bag(plenty of room for all I need)
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    I'd love to do this however I speak only for myself I do not know how the community would like this change due to the "complexity" of the medical system. Great idea though love to see where this goes.
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    Allow medkits to be used by CIVs to revive gang members or people who have initiated on their side after a scenario has been resolved, it means that CIVs can keep some of their gear after dying, especially when medics aren't online and due to the fact that this can only happen after a scenario has ended combat reviving is prevented.
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    I get quite frustrated reading posts like these and the comments people post I think out of the majority of comments here the only person who seems to have a clue is FrieWulf. Arma 2 is gone, its a dead platform. The move to Arma 3 was done for a reason the reason being the Arma 2 server population was dying and thats not because of anything done by the Staff team its because the game itself was becoming old and unpopular. The mistake this server did was holding onto Arma 2 for too long, I had spoken to Kraken when I was staff on ILG to try and get some sort of Arma 3 movement going and he wasn't having any of it. Therefore the drag of arma 2 continued until a change was needed or the community would have been gone. When the server went onto Arma 3 and it was vanilla as shit and the population was dying where was the Elite "Ive been here since ILL" team who constantly keep suggesting to move back to arma 2 ways. The only people still playing was people like Friewulf, Dorsan, Chippy and a few others not the muppets now who insist on changing everything back to Arma 2. Myself and Josh offered help and in my opinion got this shit running again along with the help of Ellis and Hp when he could be assed. The server was hitting populations of 60 at some times and stayed like that for a few weeks. Thats because of the rules we had advised ellis on adding along with the "Arma 3" ways of doing things in regards to PD/ESU Etc and if im going to be honest it was fucking fun while it lasted. Again in my opinion the reason why the server population has went down again is because the server failed to constantly update itself. Whether it be rules, the way staff deal with things, in game content and to be frank to drama queens in the community. I think its fact that if the Arma 2 rules where to be implemented on Arma 3 it would essentially be Wasteland. Would drive off the actual supporters of the community (Wulf dorsan Etc) and would leave dribblers who would eventually leave because they were bored. Because the server pop has decreased again I would suggest switching to Kellys island changing and editing rules to fit the map, have the staff punishment system changed to something more optimized to arma 3, updating the PD/ESU to work better with the map and getting some actual devs who can spend time on making this shit unique. Signed TanQuisha Quisha Dorsan Im Still technically married to him
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    Imagine the fun and great chaos. Bring back Port our Arma 2 rules to Arma 3, i.e remove TFR, allow metagaming, have a bunch of fun And move to a small map I'm an advocate and great lover for such a gamemode, after all, I came from ILG. But would it work? Would be glorious, but devasting on our current player base and create a complete divide.
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    #HoxtonNewDeveloper? #LakesideIsntWorking #ChangeToSmallerMap #idrc I miss responding to Gas n Go when people had Hummers and LMG's. Now this is a new Community and whatever you guys are going to it as a team.
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    I absolutely loved the rules in Arma 2, they were so laid back and easy to remember... They were so limited and made everybody happy, it were to be the only three main rules that came up in help cases (1. RDM, 2. VDM, 3. Fail Roleplay) It was quite legendary on how many people actually got issued warnings/bans with the "Light-Roleplay" scenario. So fuck yes, I believe the old Arma 2 rules should come back into play, from my perspective it would help the player base because people wouldn't feel as though if they fuck up in the slightest situations they are gonna get a ban. In my opinion, all this "Serious Roleplay" shit has ruined whatever we had in arma 2. But hey, who am I to be saying this? LET THE COMMUNITY VOTE.
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    To be fair to give an incentive to our Dev team to get things fixed and add new things (not that they dont already do enough) is a great idea, it will draw new folk in with the skills and knowledge of developing the server. However the idea of going back to emita but on A3 no way no how, when the A3 server was announced it was a chance for the community to leave behind the old A2 Emita Life behind and start a fresh, yes we have had our ups and downs but going back to emita will hammer the final nail in the Coffin for the Community as a whole we need something new something fresh a map no one is using or has used in the past, the initial idea of Kelleys Island however a great looking small map was used alot and people lost interest, i have been scouring places like Armaholic and the workshop and have seen a few maps that we could possibly use they may need abit of work but its just and idea to put out there other than heading back to Emita. Manalo Islands - Nabbi Islands - New York City, USA - Santa Catalina Island - All of the Above could add new things to the server for example Lifeguards (EMS), Coastguards (Police), bringing new life and something new for the Community. I hope my input here get the Community searching for additions to make your stay at AR a good and enjoyable one.
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    +1, at least you didn't delete the bridge that goes to doc when requesting backup.
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    I believe it should be made against the rules to block a vehicle spawn intentionally. This has happened to me many times, resulting in shootouts at the garages.
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    Can you ladies please stop? This has gone completely off-topic.
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    On some level, this needs to be fair on 1/3 of the player's. Meaning medic's get a call by seeing someone dies. Arriving on scene and then seeing their friend is up, and apparently doesn't need to go to the hospital even though they've been shot in the head 5 times.
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    Robin's Setup Computer Specs CPU: Intel Core i7-4790k @ 4.00GHz (Going to overclock it someday) GPU: Nvidia GTX 780 Motherboard: MSI Z97 PSU: Corsair RM750x 750W RAM: Corsair Vengeance Pro DDR3 2400MHz 2x8GB; -Some other RAM stick 2x4GB - Total 24GB SSD: Samsung 850 PRO 124GB HDD: Seagate (Something) 1TB Case: NZXT H440 CPU Cooler: Corsair Hydro Series H100i Peripherals Monitors: Philips 27" LED 271 S7QJMB/00 x2; -Samsung 27" LED S27E390HS Keyboard: Razer BlackWidow Chroma Mouse: Razer Ouroboros Mouse Pad: SteelSeries QcK Prism Headset: Logitech G933 Snow Edt. Microphone: Blue Yeti Studio; -Radius II (shock-mount) -The Pop (Pop filter) -Røde PSA1 (Studio Arm) Pictures:
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    Couldn't agree more, it seems that some people in this community have become totally delusional and can't really see what going back to the "arma 2" way of running would do to an already sinking ship. in all seriousness modded arma life is dieing even the larger communities are having issues with the playerbase, it really does rub it in when completely vanilla life servers get considerably more players than any modded server online. and if the community is going back to the arma 2 way of living then why have a life server you might as well just be the first community to host a kelly's island wasteland server with mods! I put my life and soul into this community and quite a lot of financial input also and its really sad to see it crumble underneath its own foundations
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    Tier 1: Access to 1 clothing shop of choice. 25x AR points +5x per month. 5% decrease in item/weapon/car cost Gain 2 skill tree points. 1 month TS channel Tier 2: Access to 2 clothing shops of choice. 100x AR points +25 per month. 10% decrease in item/weapon/car cost Gain 4 skill tree points. 2 month TS channel Tier 3: Access to 3 clothing shops of choice. 100x AR points +25x per month. 15% decrease in item/weapon/car cost Gain 6 skill tree points. 3 month TS channel Tier 4: Access to 4 clothing shops of choice. 200x AR points +40 per month. 20% decrease in item/weapon/car cost Gain 8 skill tree points. 4 month TS channel Prioritized Bushiness/Gang App Tier 5: Access to all clothing shops. 400x AR points +70 per month. 25% decrease in item/weapon/car cost Gain 10 skill tree points. Perm TS Channel Prioritized Bushiness/Gang App AR points can be used in the following manners: (you can earn points by simply playing on the server as to not interfere with monetization policy) 500x AR points (make an in-game event either from a selection, or ,with approval, a custom event) Used in a shop to customize car (would mean removal of the customize car shop and its standard use with normal cash) Used at pimp my gun shop. (not a complete list)
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    Are you fucking retarded £75 for a fucking perm TS channel ??????????, before we start making suggestions in regards to Donation perks maybe actually get the server sorted first.
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    Devs deserve donations for spending time and efforts into the development of the mod, so they can buy new keyboards, mouses or other pc parts to have better performances or just buy a drink !! I still have ILL mod i load a2 with the mod and spawn stuff and play that's how much i miss ILL, there was salt, retardness rule breaking and you name it i do not want the same people or type of game play on the current server. I would love to play not on Lake side. One day we will have more mature players on this community. #I_miss_borat
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    - Community is too divided when it comes to its own identity - The two groups within the community have argued, which has drove a lot of players away; people get robbed and then complain about the gangs, which then an unnecessarily heated discussion arises and one group ends up leaving. - Development is backlogged, more developers are needed and the communication needs to improve between developers > SLT (From what I've been told). - Stat wipes should've been a thing a long time ago, however was not a thing due to the whole 'Fixing The Economy' statement. Which has been done for some time and we are still yet to see one, even though I don't believe It would make much difference at this stage. - Staff infighting was a problem that spilled out of the bucket and began trickling down the community (Not so much of an issue as the rest). - All of this combined has resulted in 'Slacking' in major areas of the community whether that be PD/ESU etc. I am also for all the snowflakes, not denying the PD has had it's own set of problems.
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    The reason no one RPs anymore Scream (and your a big one for this) is that you are still stuck in your old ways on ILL A2 Emita, this isnt the same Community it was back then, if i might suggest you go tag along with the ESU guys they know how to RP and now they are manning the DOC gate they have brought RP there aswell its a shame that people like to break rules (something you have been known to do in the past) because of your mindset being on the 'Old' rules that is whats wrong with the Community, that is whats wrong with the server to many people wishing and hoping that if they cry enough they will get to go back to Emita face it its dead if the Community wants to thrive heres what we as the 'Community' need to do: Stop this #BringBackEmita Find a new unused map something to draw new players in Welcome the new players as appose to rob them all the time (you wasnt even robbed this much in Emita) Have decent well thought out Events, not the same repetitiveness have more to do as a Civ Monthly Stat wipes (everyone has like 10 mil and all they do is fucking rob, kill, and drive the Server Population away)
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    Bring back takistan, nuff said
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    To be honest, i would love arma 2 to be ported to arma 3, i.e the same stuff we had in arma 2, gang hideouts, hunting range, pistol shop, tuning store, just port it arma 3 and it would be a charm
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    There really is no reason why we SHOULDN'T have a dev donor page. I really think they are the ones who should be rewarded the most for the success of the server. I will say I absolutely love Emita, and would really enjoy it see a comeback. It worked for so long on ArmA 2, with really better success, much better success we have EVER seen for ArmaRoleplay. I would be satisfied with a map that is smaller, so I am happy with the introduction of Kelleys Island as a possibility by @Ellis. There is no reason to have such a large map for a playerbase of ~20 players. The large maps makes police and civilians alike not care to check the drug dealers, the drug areas, and the gang cap points just because of the extreme drive involved between these areas. It's best to just stay in the main city of lakeside because it has the most concentration of players. I believe that would get much more evenly distributed if we got a smaller map.
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    this adds better lighting and it would increase immersion Nuff said tbh
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    I used to play with a realism unit who used ace. I was the medic and always opted to use the 'advanced' medical system. Its much more fun figuring out what bandage to use(though they ruined it recently with a patch that makes 1 bandage op for everything but like 2 types of wounds) I would def recommend its added. It makes it a little more interactive and enjoyable playing mefor medics. I loved playing medic for the realism unit becasue of the ACE features. +1 ADDD ITTT!
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    Listen bud, this is just about people going AFK, this is not about people not following the rules stated above, however many people do not follow those rules. Also, our SOP's would be updated to the new updates. We have many strict policies about abusing powers as ESU and we take our roles as EMS seriously. Another thing, if you haven't noticed we can't move restrained people and restrained people can't move. Police do not need to be doing our jobs by escorting them onto the strecher off of it, then into the hospital bed. No need for negativity @WolfgangBirkner.
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    So Danny found some new EMS vests and outfits (Textures) somewhere on the internet, and LVESU would like to get those pls implement thx Here are some examples of some of them. meme
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    In-Game Event We've decided to give back to our wonderful community! This Sunday, we're going to be giving away multiple games to some lucky players that are IN-GAME at the time! One game is going to be given away once each hour! All you have to do is just be in the TaskForceRadio channel and be on the server! So get on the server, Sunday night at 6PM UK Time and have the chance to win some awesome games such as: H1Z1: King of the Kill Squad Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege Rocket League Rust
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    We have started talking about this in the leadership team and at the moment we are more favorable towards the new Lakeside map the only issue we will come against is obtaining this. if anyone can assist with this then let us no
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    Nah again as i said the Community is done with Emita we need something fresh something new the minute we head back to Emita and drop back to the 'Old' Rules is the day the Community can kiss 'Roleplay done properly' goodbye and the whole point of becoming this revitalised Roleplay Community, we need to leave Emita in the past mark it up as the good 'ol times and move on when we do that and commit ourselves to a new map and new chapter and make it better than Emita was in terms of Roleplay and in terms of Gameplay then we can look back and say 'yeah Emita was good but we are in a better place now than we was on Emita'
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    Finally someone gets it Let me just add that Emita is EVEN smaller than Kelley's and might even be too small for arma 3 and all the activities in it. EDIT: They're the same size...
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    Specs: CPU: i5-4690k 3.5GHz GPU: MSI Geforce GTX 1070 Gaming X 8gb RAM: Kingston HyperX Fury 2x 8Gb 1866 MHz PSU: 750w Corsair Case: Cooler Master HAF X Gaming Tower Case Motherboard: Asus Z97-PRO GAMER Cooling: Cooling Block and regular fan cooling. Monitors: 2x Benq RL2455hm Mouse: RAZER Chroma Deathadder Keyboard: RAZER Blackwidow Chroma Headset: Sennheiser 363d Extra: Fidget spinner (incase i get triggered)
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    Isn't the panic button also bound to the infistar delete key? because I've seen enough buildings disappearing in a firefight.
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    User: stop pls Reason: no man Signed: human
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    Don't worry Mark I will just find a proxy way in to go around your fee x (that or you can send me some nudes)
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    I agree with this.
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    New map = more fps so thats solved too lmao
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    Love it. Would love to see in game. Not sure if this affects Emergency Lighting but still very nice.
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    I've been in situations where i had to call the cops to escort players, EMS escorting players is mandatory and they will use it only when needed why the fuck not
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    I feel that this would be a good addition but I'm not sure on how easy it would be to develop. @CMC. Smith?
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    I think the mains reason why cops can revive after gun fights and civilians can't is due to the fact as dearon said gangs can rob people,kill cops and not lose gear which will end up with alot of people leaving the server(maybe we should come up with new ideas for what gangs and civilians can do instead of robbing/killing people 24/7) plus cops don't ruin roleplay whatsoever in this aspect, whether they get revived after a situation or not. if the situation is over they either get revived or just pay 5k to get fully rearmed and carry on what there doing(it's simple).
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    Great idea, +1 and -1 Alsing
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    The Leadership team will soon be discussing this topic and so any and all further contributions to this post will be appreciated.