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    Update: 11/09/2017 Update 1.6 Added New Interaction Menu I am happy to say we have completed designing our new graphics for the interaction menu: Phone (50% Done) We're releasing our new phone in chunks, as of now only a small part of the phone has been released, but we have built the foundations to complete the rest. Fixed/Changed Fixed an issue with gang vaults COMING SOON / IN PROGRESS NEW VEHICLE MODS PHONE UPDATES JAIL ACTIVITIES IMPORTANT RULES CHANGES MORE VISUAL CHANGES & NEW MENUS See all upcoming and WIP projects on our public Trello - https://trello.com/b/2oylYc1z/public-arma-roleplay See new rule changes: http://forums.arma-roleplay.net/topic/437-rule-changes/?page=2&tab=comments#comment-13526 Credits @ZKB1325 @CMC. Smith, our graphic designer ' legosky ' & @hp user
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    v1.5.4 Fixed SK's vehicle spawn point Added garages to SK & Longs Fixed the PC-9 plane not spawning Removed all broken cars that failed to spawn/were missing tires etc. Added Dodge car dealer map icon Added helicopter shop to ESU airfield...oops Much to come over this following week or so: New interaction menu New phone New vehicle mods and skins Continued bug fixes Interested in helping us maintain our public Trello? If so, please message me on the website ASAP.
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    Update: 25/8/2017 Added Encryption of Mission File As a security measure, we are now starting to encrypt our mission file. I am adding this to the changelog to alert people that issues may be present and we request that you report them immediately to the appropriate forums section. Secret Service Features When you are at the SIS base, you can scroll on a infostand to go on duty and will give you access to the "Show SIS Badge" option when you are close to a person. Drug Areas As the first baby step to our gang reform, we have now made it so you can only plant/collect drugs if you capture the gang area. In the next major update, you can expect there to be a new gang shop, with special features such as a "Cyber Terrorist" - more information to follow upon release. Civilians can now see if they are wanted - A hint is present when pressing Y To jail someone they must now be restrained Fixed/Changed Jewelry Store is now fixed - A Position Check was added now! Sending someone to jail from across the map is now fixed SIS Spawn Point SIS Air Spawn Fixed Naming Error With EMS Shops Fixed State Patrol Points Panic Button is now Shift + Delete (Fixes an issue where it was conflicting for staff) Shooting someone from a vehicle doesn't hurt them (VDM Script Error) An altitude limit is added to safehouse (300m) - will stop players from loitering 20,000m in a heli in the sky Fixed issue where you could only plant crops/drugs in a small area of the plant/drug area Panic Button Marker is police sided only now - In an upcoming update, police will not be able to use it when knocked out, and civilians will be able to destroy an officer's backup/panic button. COMING SOON Gang shop - Cyber Terrorist, Tracking device, and more New police radar Police Tackling ESU fixes & adjustments New Interaction menu New Phone Capture Processing Areas Reform of justice system And a whole load more.... @ZKB1325 = Big Help!
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    We are in the process of reconstructing the server and community in order to please our player's needs. Big changes are currently being made in order to satisfy everyone. We would like to thank the people that have posted/messaged us with proper feedback and suggestions.
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    Update: 01/09/2017 Update 1.5 Added Gang/Drug Area Shop From now whenever you capture a drug/gang area, you will have access to purchase special items from the gang shop with gang funds - obtain funds by capturing drug areas and holding them. See what we have added to the gang shop below - more to come. Vehicle Tracker - Gang/Drug Area Shop Virtual item that applies to a vehicle. Keeps a marker on your map of its location, update location every 5 seconds. If the car gets impounded or destroyed, the marker disappears and you're sent a message and hint saying "Your GPS tracker has lost connection." Cyber Terrorist - Gang/Drug Area Shop You can now buy the "Hackable Police Computer" from gang shops after capturing a zone. You have a time limit on how long you have access to the computer and you can lookup others housing, warrants, etc. Along with that, we now have the "Cyber Terrorist (Bounty Remover)". If bought, removes: Attempted Auto Theft, Robbery, Hit and run, Burglary, Drug Possession. Supervisor Contact AI After being arrested, you can pay $75,000 to have a AI contact all available Supervisors for one to respond and look over your case. List of All Minor Additions Added Long Base Added SK Base Added ECR Base Added New SIS Gear Force Respawn after 15min NLR timer for cops (messages on spawn) Boat Garage Pat down of Civilians being Tied Up View VI of a Tied Civillian Instructional Hint for Blacksmith Fixed/Changed Panic Button is now a VI Item Panic Button Markers are Fixed Not having a weapon in Safehouse will mean no payout Safehouse Timer Changed to 1 hour and 30 minutes COMING SOON Jail Activities Interaction Menu New Phone More gang shop items More police computer features and more! @ZKB1325 #DudeThatMakesMeWannaKMS Note: We are now using a Version System - We are now on 1.5, so any hotfixes will be 1.5.1, and major updates would be 1.6.
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    Complementary Special Weapons (http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=930738103) "CSW MOD(Complementary Special Weapons)is a module that complements the void weapons in ARMA3, which contain weapons and their corresponding accessories, so that ARMA3's weapons are richer and more sophisticated. "(From the steam workshop page) This is a modification from the steam workshop that adds a good number of extremely detailed and well modeled weapons that are balanced in power level and unique. There are four main things I would like to say about the mod in general before we get into specifics #1: The modpack requires no licensing and is relatively small in space sitting at 250mb's which can be trimmed down if needed. #2: This mod fills many niches and would enrich the combat in the server by adding unique weapons that would slow down combat to make it more fair. #3 Both civilians and police have uses for the weapons contained within the mod. #4: The sheer detail of this mod is insane there are many different and unique ammo types for each weapon. The M4 has around 14 different ammo types. Next I would like to showcase some of the weapons included in this mod and discuss there purpose. ASSAULT RIFLES The LVOA-C & FN 5.56 The FN 5.56 is a basic 5.56 assault rifle that has two different ammo types and features a hard hitting round and a high RPM. There is FMJ and Subsonic ammunition. This rifle is the most vanilla weapon in the pack but serves as a unique assault rifle due to its good RPM in CQB, but also its controllable recoil and hard hitting round. This weapon would be a great fit for civilians as it has that sporting rifle feel to it. Next up the is the LVOA-C C-Clamp. This weapon functions much the same as an regular 5.56 M4 would, but it has a good RPM and is very accurate at long ranges. This rifle does suffer from higher than average recoil and the length of the weapons does not help in CQB. Another advantage of this weapon is its 14 different ammo types that serve practical purposes such as the blanks which would be useful for training's. This weapon would fit perfectly as both a high-end civ and high-end cop weapon as it is a really solid rifle. This rifle also comes in 2 different grip variants as well as 4 different colors. PISTOLS IMI Desert Eagle, S&W M500, & the FN Five-seveN Our current Desert Eagle within our modpack is poorly modeled with incredibly bad damage. This Desert Eagle is well modeled and does the correct damage it should be doing. One thing I love about this gun is the beastly sound it makes when you shoot it. This is a great addition for civilians as this thing just makes you feel like a badass. Next is the S&W M500 This is another great civilian additions because this thing is just badass. It is greatly modeled and sounds even more beastly then the Desert Eagle. (Plus should't the Longs get the long revolver xd) The FN is just a all around good weapon. The model itself is beautiful and would make a great weapon for police. There is a shield variant that i will talk about later in the post. SHOTGUNS Remington M870 Express & H&K/Olins CAWS The general consensus on the server about shotguns is that they are OP and i would agree with this statement. Importantly this shotgun is a PUMP-ACTION SHOTGUN not a semi-auto this severely hinders its fire rate and reload speed making it a flawed weapon. Another problem of shotguns is that pellets are busted, but the pellets seem to be calculated differently for this weapon as the individual pellets weren't even strong enough to knock the target down in the video. Another important downside to this gun is it cannot hit targets at long range. The Remington M870 Express is a basic shotgun that is importantly balanced compared to the other shotguns in the modpack. This gun has many uses due to its many different ammo types such as the beanbag round that has a stun effect that would be excellent in the event of a riot. This would fit perfectly as a civilian hunting weapon and and as a police CQB weapon. The important fact about this weapon is that it has a unique play style due to it being a pump shotgun this also makes it not OP as it requires users a very slow fire rate and reload. Next up is the H&K Olin. This is a automatic shotgun and a little bit too out of place in a Arma life server so we should'nt use it I won't go into detail about it. MISCELLANEOUS Ballistic Shield & CornerShot The CornerShot is a unique weapon that will change the way both civs and cops fight eachother. It is important to note that there are many ways to counter this weapon. One can rush the operator of this weapon due to the overly enhanced sight. One can also shoot the operator of this weapon in the arm due to how this weapon is not long enough to fully cover the operator. It is also important to note that this weapon is a Glock 18 on a special platform meaning this will take 10-12 shots to take down an armored civilian. (Please note that during the video i load blanks to not kill the AI) Finally the Shield We have had a lot of debate within the community about the fairness of shields finally i think i have found a shield that is not blatantly OP. With this shield the legs can be shot as well as the arm and the left side of the torso making it vulnerable to fire. This shield should replace the current shield that the PD uses as it is not OP due to the many weak points on and around the shield. The problem with the previous shield was that the shield not only provided frontal protection, but also provided side protection. This shield fixes that by having the torso and legs able to be shot while the shield is raised.
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    That fact that the SWAT team only has access to 5.56, a stringer (which doesn't have any ammo, so its useless) and no 7.62s is a joke, CIVS i believe can buy a hk417? The police force as a whole has access to a lot of guns, yes granted, however they are just different variants of the same m4/m16, every day we see civs running around with large rifles, code 3 Armour, destroying the cop force. The SWAT team is currently on the same level as these normal cops with the same weaponry. We need better guns to take on larger threats
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    Current Development Status & Trello Hello all, Over the last 2 and a half weeks, we have been hectically trying to push updates on a regular basis, issue fixes almost every day and at least one or two content releases a week. Content right now is okay, but it is about to be much better. We still have lots to do and are actively looking at suggestions for more ideas, you can see our development progress via our new public Trello board, here: https://trello.com/b/2oylYc1z/public-arma-roleplay This new public access Trello board will show all features & fixes that are planned for upcoming releases, apart from critical bugs/exploits. See your bug & suggestions get put on the board and see them released within a week or two. We still have a long road ahead but we're all still very energized. We are aware that summer holidays are coming to an end, and that recent events (such as UK GCSE results) have affected our player count, but nonetheless, we have successfully contacted a few content makers (Streamers/YouTubers) and some have agreed to come on. Right now, we're looking at around 10-15 newly registered members, and around 10 new players in-game every day, which is keeping a steady pace. Much is to come, much is to be expected. Keep up to date here. Kind regards, Arma Roleplay Team
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    Aiming for a more open design on internals, more yard space and better navigation. Evidence locker has been moved to the back for better cover and protection. Now uses better fences in some places. Helipad in a better place instead of the roof. More lighting. Better and more distanced walls to prevent glitching. - Feel free to give feedback.
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    I guess nice role play has become just a kill feed.
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    Hey folks, so I seem to be having this weird issue with my game, and this issue does not occur randomly(like most issues) but seems to happen at a very specific instant in game which makes it one of the weirdest issues ive seen (considering I was tech support on A2). But anyways what seems to happen is that whenever I'm in game and I get robbed,arrested,taken hostage or killed my internet just stops working, at first I thought it was a service provider issue so I called them but they told me that it wasn't a provider issue(not sure I believe them, they don't seem to know what they are doing). I tried power cycling my modem but that did not help it at all, so I looked online for an answer and what seems to be happening is that there's a ghost or some sort of magic force disconnecting my internet and what makes it creepier is that it knows the exact moment that I am being robbed,arrested,taken hostage or killed so I went ahead and called an exorcist who did everything from the holy water to my head going around 360 degrees but a few days later I still noticed my internet shutting off when I am being robbed,arrested,taken hostage or killed. At first I thought it was just me but(and this makes the matter so much worse) other players are also having this issue!!!!!!!!!!! I honestly don't know what to do at this point, has anyone resolved this issue because I have tried anything. Any help is much appreciated. EDIT: The issue seems to have gotten worst, back when the respawn button could still be pressed when an EMT revived you there was no issue,but now that this feature was disabled the internet also cuts off while an EMT revives me and in some situations the entire game crashes. Please help me fix this!!!!!!!
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    Hey all, one way or another you guys have probably met me at some stage through in game contact, casual chatting or one of the various Being helped rooms. I would first of all like to say as of today I still standby my opinion that this server has plenty of potential but unfortunately certain people stop it from reaching that point ( No names shall be given), as a result of this as of late player base as well not been exactly up to standards which in return makes it not exactly desirable for me to hop on the server for several hours at a time, Myself and my gang have tried staying on even when there's no other people on the server to build the population up yet our efforts where well... in vain. Gang stuff First of all let me state that when I first founded this gang here, Our original purpose was the following: Stop new civs or lone wolf players from getting robbed constantly from bigger groups i.e UO, PD To actually attempt to create RP in the server and not be all about gun fights. To bring some fun experiences to people in the server no matter cop, civ or esu Honestly in my my opinion I believe up-until this stage we fulfilled these points and I think quite a few people will agree with that statement, though I know alot of people will also disagree which I can understand as I know at times members of this gang can be a bit trigger happy or in short terms a "cunt" and for that I would like to apologize if it did make you guys in someway bitter towards the gang or to myself and if I do decide to continue playing on here I'll try to stick with those points and keep the gang under stricter super vision to follow the gangs protocols. Well is this goodbye? At this current point of time it's going to be looking like I will be parting ways with the server for now as well quite simply it's just not enjoyable like it use to be. I would like to thank every person I have met in the past three months for keeping me entertained and for not bringing me to support too many times aha, I can only hope I treated majority of you guys with respect for the most part. As a result of me leaving, Yesterday I took it upon myself to hand myself in with the remains of what use to be a big stash of weapons from the time We were at war with the Under Ground Outlaws if anybody is curious or wanted to raid me this is what ya could of got So folks guess All I can say is Goodbye for now and best of luck in the near future.
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    *Disclaimer* Sorry for sounding like an asshole but at least someone on this website has to start speaking the truth Today is a Saturday meaning no school, this is a screenshot taken today of a full community(keep in mind even on the first day of school they looked like this and if I had Scrolled down there would be more players ) https://gyazo.com/15cc7e10b3f3957363c34cbd4445b5a1 And this is us on a Saturday https://gyazo.com/9c5849cb5ca4c9192b644e1c42268505 To me its a clear cut why the community isn't doing well and its because of the numerous issues ruining player experience, we are aware of them but chose to do nothing. I've tried multiple times to contact higher ups to get them to fix things with the server a specific example was ESU , I even messaged someone pretty high up(you know who you are) about the issues with it but nothing was ever done and for the next 2 months 1 ESU got on(for about 1-2 hours a day and sometimes he didnt come on at all). "Ok but thats just ESU its not an important faction" ok if thats the general consensus well why don't we take a look at the civs, the server has literally turned into a giant gang controlled map, that is in no way RP, I have been on hardcore RP servers(which AR claims to be) and they do not have the issues we have here where all civs want to do is take a cop hostage. When I was on Citylife they made guns and the required licencing expensive and money hard to get so people would have to work hard to get a gun and once they did they'd use it wisely to avoid losing it, another good thing about that server is they did not have NLR so eventually civs would go to jail for their crimes no matter how long ago it was (and there was no cap on jailtime, ppl literally went to jail for 48 hours at times not saying to do that but 150 minutes is too low). To some this whole system seems stupid but this actually encourages proper RP when the penalty is high both in terms of jail time and financially people are less likely to shoot at and take cops hostage more frequently than they take a breath. Finally the punishment system has to be stricter (Had the Longs been on a server like Citylife they would have been permabanned the next day, I don't get why its a 6 hour ban here). So this is me once again trying to fix the community I did my part by suggesting this its up to staff to implement it, if this community dies out no one will ever be able to say I didn't try cuz thats the one thing I did.
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    Although you'd be surprised, I'm not trying to be naive as I know there are a few good reasons why things are a bit low right now, such as what McMullen said - we're in actually in the process of switching hosts with very well proven DDoS protection, obviously at a substantial cost though. Anyways, our community is largely British players, along with US players, our player current hit a sudden drop at the start of this week (ref gametracker), which just so happens to be the start of a school week for many people. When we were on Lakeside, we hit huge peak figures compared to what we had on average during Easter, but as soon as the Sunday before school begins again came around, we dropped from the 55 peak to 25, then a full week later things rose again. Again, I know that we're being attacked, I know a random competitor appeared and we are aware of the complaints we have received about our server - we're working on solving the issues. I guess we'll have to see, but we have many plans in place, all very far from shutting down the website, selling the domain and not purchasing a server box. One thing is for certain, we aren't cowards nor are we criminals, so we will not be returning the favour to those DDoSing us.
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    You know, there are always wasteland servers y'all could play on?
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    Whenever a shot is fired, a script should be implemented so that the radius of the shot (say 50 meters) are forced into first person. Just my opinion though.
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    I've always wondered whether we should add our old Arma 2 restrain system, e.g. you can only be restrained if your hands are up or if you're knocked out/tased. and add a tackling system for when the police are chasing someone, where someone can defend themselves from being tackled.
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    if they are able to close the distance without being shot then they are doing their jobs correctly, officers are to attempt to take a suspect alive as appose to dead the fact the a lot of police forces tend to restrain you from the front or the side depending on what you have been accused/wanted for as appose to restraining from behind the only real time that you are restrained from behind is when you are running or fighting back.
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    What a massive shit storm this is... Have no fear hoxton is here to sort this Trainwreck out. My opinion is that there's a severe lack of .50 Cal and .338 magnum...
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    Added: 2.0.16 - When initiating/calling off negotiations, you must give the other party time to respond & react to it, meaning that you can't shoot right away when calling negotiations off or when initiating and giving orders.
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    PD Meeting 2/9/2017 State Command will be holding a meeting for all of the police department if any command members are unable to attend please contact a member of State Command and inform them. Can the Department Command please gather any issues they would like to address themselves or onbehalf of their department. Supt. B. Wulf.
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    Based Off Sunrise Side Towings Logo, If you want to use it just PM me on Ts and ill send you a PNG version.
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    Bring bank truck mission back? We're doing this to get a general knowledge of what people would like, and are not guaranteeing it will be added even if a positive response is visible.
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    Move Pirate Bay here, to make people actually put effort into doing crime. Make Pirate Bay the only place people go for illegal weapons and such (Remove Rebel Market & Blacksmith & move both there). This will make it easier for cops to manage the flow of weapons. 3 places where people can get Class 2's is way too much. Please fix. Remove Rebel Market and move everything that was there to Pirate bay. Move the Blacksmith to Pirate Bay too. Raise prices of civ helicopters. (105k little bird for fuck sake..) Focus more on boats, add things to do on water whilst you're at it. Lower Diamond sell prices. ~276k with deodorant is way too much for a single diamond run that takes a max of 20 minutes if you're slow. Make one diamond sell for 2.5k instead of the current 4.5k. (might be wrong) At the moment the only legal way of making money that actually profits is diamond. I realise that Diamond has already been nerfed, but evidently not enough.
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    We're currently in the process of redoing what you do in the jail, which will include money making ways, escaping, shanks, etc. We won't be reducing the jail time to one hour maximum, as many disagree with this and the majority prefer having a sense of risk when doing illegal stuff. There's no risk in getting a 15 minute jail sentence for killing someone. We will look at the jail sentences again, but quite soon the jail will have its own sense of gameplay and will have its own exciting parts.
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    Hallo Mirë dita ታዲያስ (tadiyas) مرحبا (marhaban) Салам (Salam) নমস্কার (nomoshkaar) Zdravo Здравей (zdravey) Bok ahoj Hej Hallo Saluton Tere سلام (Salaam) Bula Terve Bonjour Salut Hallo Γεια σου (yiassoo) Aloha שלום (Shalom) नमस्ते (Namaste) Sziasztok Szia Halo Dia dhaoibh Salve Ciao こんにちは (Kon'nichiwa) ನಮಸ್ಕಾರ (namaskār) ជំរាបសួរ (cham reap sour) 안녕하세요 (an-nyeong-ha-se-yo) 안녕 (annyeong) ສະບາຍດີ (Sabaai-dii) Salvete Salve Sveiki Hallau Sveiki Добар ден (Dobar den) Selamat tengahari Ħelow 你好 (nǐ hǎo) Kia ora Hei ନମସ୍କାର (Namaskar) Cześć Oi alo Здравствуйте (Zdrahstvootye) Haló Здраво (Zdravo) 侬好 (noŋ hɔ) ahoj Hola Grüss Gott Hujambo Hej Hoi வனக்கம் (vanakkam) నమస్కారం (namaskāram) สวัสดีครับ (sawatdeekhrap) Merhaba Xin chào Womenjeka שלום (Sholem) This took awhile. was it worth it? no
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    b a l a n c e
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    You cannot disregard the issue and just tell people to continue playing. This is exactly the problem, disregard, disregard, disregard. Look where that has gotten things and quite obviously people are not going to do that.
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    v1.6.2 Fixed somethings in IRA gang base Fixed some objects allowing you to hide in them Fixed Minor Bugs with Gang Vaults Much to come over this following week or so: New UIs New vehicle mods and skins Continued bug fixes Big announcements soon Interested in helping us maintain our public Trello? If so, please message Ellis on the website ASAP. Interested in being involved with the development team? Fill out this application.
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    Simple, remove 3rd person during active gunfights & within certain zones (prison, bank, safehouse etc) 3rd person is abused during active gunfights for the advantage of mostly civilians; - During a bank robbery, civilians will look through the outer walls to see the position of police, or its used to peak around the edges of the interior walls in order to take advantage of police advancing their position inside the building, making it unfair and sometimes nearly impossible for police to successfully breach the building. - During safehouse 3rd person is abused by all parties by using 3rd person to see who's coming into a building without them knowing you're seeing them. Its also abused by all parties overlooking the safehouse zone in 3rd person while on top of the actual building, selecting targets in 3rd person and then only becoming visible to other players upon switching to 1st person, aiming and taking the shot. - 3rd person is abused during prison breaks by both parties, same reasons really as before with both the bank and safehouse.
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    V1.5.2 Fixed Longs gang membership Fixed Longs spawn point Fixed Longs & SK vehicle spawn points Fixed drug area gang shops Fixed prices of Cyber Terrorist & Vehicle Tracker in drug area gang shop Police panic button works fully Reduced mission file size Fixed issue with Safehouse not paying you if weapon was on your back
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    the moment you realise that the police force is doomed when Alsing is believed to be the best FTO out there lol
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    https://gyazo.com/f7f069b55abd7d93d9d73cb2eabfa0e4 this got me promoted...
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