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    Wargwon. Heres some shit to add to the modpack A. Because the guns are unique B. The animations and sounds are insane!!! Heres a picture and video of them in action, enjoy Gun list: Lee Enfield No.4 (.303) Model 98 Pump Shotgun (12 Gauge pellets and slugs) SRG Double Barrel shotgun (Same as above but there is also a sawn off version as you can see) L35 (9mm) TRG42 (.338) RK32 (7.62) Single Action Revolver (.44) Shown in the video is the Lee Enfield
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    Update: 6/16/2017 ***Mod Pack Update Required*** Added Police Key cards Jewelry Store Heist - In Lakeside Gang Treasury Modular Talent Tree System - Ctrl + T Add Gang Capturable Areas - Must Create a Gang, Costs 75k - Shift + I and Shift + O Tuning Shop - In Lakeside Fixed/Changed Spawn Points with Multiple Licenses Demilitarize Gun Shops Los D Police Car Bug Remade SIS and Mayors Mansion Cop Flash bang Lasts Half the time of Civilians Bank Cases are Limited to 6 Remade Arrington and Outlaws Base Removed Morningstar Base Removed General Store and Market from Gang Bases Patrol Points Loop - Added More GenPop Prison Bug Temporary Fix Lock picks Added to Police Shop Police Lock Bank Vault Bug - Report if any problems present Thanks to a few people for helping... @Mark - Developed along... @Leo - Edited Weapon Shops @Darwin Cried - Vehicle Config Edits @Tyler Johnson - Texture Edits @BLitZ Melborn - Helped Mass Configure Files @Robin @Chippy @[AR]Christian- Bug Testers Bugs will present! Please report as soon as you find them! Critical Bugs will be fixed as soon as reported and a hotfix will be put out soon after reports!
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    @Wizz's poem requested by himself for himself
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    WOW that gun sounds so good can definitely tell how good the sound is over the heavy knife party music!
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    @Scream's poem requested by himself for himself. Any other requests inbox me.....I MEAN IT DON'T POKE ME ON TS CUZ ILL FORGET INBOX ME ON THE WEBSITE
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    Hey Folks, as some of you know I complain about work a lot and I think my supervisor took pity on me....That or he would be violating labour laws if he kept me working any longer so I got some vacation time off work. A buddy of mine has a place a long way from the hustle and bustle of the city and he invited me over. The internet there sucks so it prolly wont be able to handle gaming but i'll try to be active on the website and if possible the TS. Im defo going to be keeping up with the poem requests you lovely folks have sent me so u can expect to see those sometime soon. Other than that I will see you all in a bit
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    sorry forgot to mention, im still here for about another week
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    Hello! This is the Development Showcase thread!
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    If you want to learn about corruption, I will make a team and train you. Love Former Corrupt, Lawyer, Patrol Officer, DOC Officer, and.... The President.
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    @Robin is gay for u
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    Hello, Welcome Back!
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    Wait so y haven't I been banned yet
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    So people here prolly remember how bad Divided wanted to ban me. Unfortunately I crushed that dream of his by leaving before he could do it. Here's the gyazo from that picture https://gyazo.com/a223787b6fe7495c3b0b63668a27eda6
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    Do u remember the Hitler video I made of him
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    How do u make meth like wat are the steps
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    @Alsing poem requested by himself any other requests just message me
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    IKR At least I remember why I hate Symptom
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    Oh and this was the French poem that started his hate for me it was requested by @Ryanstg24
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    Title says it all im using fraps which is killing my frames, so how do i set up shadow play to run on Arma 3
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    Geforce GTX 980m i7-6700 16 gb ram
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    Ya does not work it shows a big red x at the bottom of my screen. Where are the videos stored?
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    Edit that smith... service*
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    Nice video, wtf were you guys shooting at? And damn Arma 3 must have got a new update.