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    New map = more fps so thats solved too lmao
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    this adds better lighting and it would increase immersion Nuff said tbh http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=28484
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    I have played Kelly's Island before on two communities one with a large population and one with a small population and both times it was very enjoyable. The map is the perfect size for RP, it is also very well optimised with lots of different styles of terrains. The version I played also had an interesting compound that would be great for the Governors compound. +1 Map 2
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    Love it. Would love to see in game. Not sure if this affects Emergency Lighting but still very nice.
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    Lakeside is cool. but tbh its kinda average and shit optimized. new map. IM IN!
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    We have started talking about this in the leadership team and at the moment we are more favorable towards the new Lakeside map the only issue we will come against is obtaining this. if anyone can assist with this then let us no
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    Any post ranting about each other will be deleted from here on out. Cut the shit.
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    The scripts running on the server now can be easily be removed / changed if it is found to be a FPS hog. Either way, I personally think the the pros out weigh the cons for switching to Kelly's island. For starters, it would give us the uniqueness we want by changing the map our selfs. To to point out some of your cons you listed that are not true or not relevant... 1. Seconds to drive across map? I know your exaggerating, but come on, saying that is just plain out not true. 2. Gun fights doesn't depend on the size of a map at all. How is this even something that needs to be brought up? 3. Flying has always been close to pointless on any life server. 4. FPS is trial and error really, easy fixes when needed. Opinions?
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    I have been working on a layout (no scripts or objects just markers atm) Please tell me if you notice anything missing (clothing/gang bases/official businesses have yet to be assigned a spot) https://www.dropbox.com/sh/25d8ncsnysa7896/AABQRZ5fxCwf2yXEps4QKvQHa?dl=0 Would show pictures here, but didnt want to make this post 3 miles longer