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  1. Rule Suggestions

    4.0.5 - As a civilian, you lose your memory of Police frequencies after a restart. I believe that civilians cannot anymore connect to any frequencies between 30-60 due to scripts, therefore this rule is not needed anymore. Remove? --------------------------------------------- 9.0.6 - The LVPD ATM is not to be used by civilians (unless needed to pay a lawyer). The LVPD never usually brings lawyer cases to the Police Department, it seems to be always centred at the Department of Corrections (Jail Facility) Remove?
  2. Donation Ideas

    Couldn't agree more honestly, without a functional server, there's gonna be no point in half of the donation ideas stated... But I do understand where all these donation ideas are coming from, if the donations don't hit the monthly quota then there most likely wouldn't be a server to run in the first place.
  3. New Maps, New Rules, New Developers

    I have spent months on getting 17 million and I have the littlest clue of what to do with it, I have never been one for weapons in arma 3... I'm more of the kinda guy that likes to give out free stuff // give back to the community if you would like to put it that way. I'm just speaking for myself on this note, but yes... This is a great point of which should be noted.
  4. New Maps, New Rules, New Developers

    I absolutely loved the rules in Arma 2, they were so laid back and easy to remember... They were so limited and made everybody happy, it were to be the only three main rules that came up in help cases (1. RDM, 2. VDM, 3. Fail Roleplay) It was quite legendary on how many people actually got issued warnings/bans with the "Light-Roleplay" scenario. So fuck yes, I believe the old Arma 2 rules should come back into play, from my perspective it would help the player base because people wouldn't feel as though if they fuck up in the slightest situations they are gonna get a ban. In my opinion, all this "Serious Roleplay" shit has ruined whatever we had in arma 2. But hey, who am I to be saying this? LET THE COMMUNITY VOTE.
  5. Forza Montage

    Looks pretty sick my dude!

    Always welcome here mate
  7. Meth

    Alright, you will be indeed right when you say that this question is simple. On the map, you may see three points. Meth Labs Meth Processing Drug Dealer <-- This is not an updated map, it just gives the general area of where the three points are. Things you may want to bring: You may want to bring a GMC van for your first couple of runs, this holds 100 storage which should give you 50 meth per van load. You may want to bring a can of deodorant found at the shops, take off your clothes and use it.. This will allow your character to hold 17 meth at a time instead of 8. You will want to do the following: Go to the Meth Labs, use your scroll menu and pick the meth from inside the shed. Get a full inventory and then use T on your GMC van to access its storage, repeat this process till your full. Go to Meth Processing, here you may need $150k on you to buy a license but you can do it without the license it just takes longer. Once finished there, you will want to haul your load back to the Drug Dealer in Lakeside and sell it via the scroll wheel menu on the signpost. As suggested, this should give you atleast 400-500k per a run. This should take you about 30 minutes, but it is worth it in the long run.
  8. That skill level doe!
  9. Scream's poem

  10. Taking A bit of a stepback

    Should be good enough mate
  11. Alright, correct me if I am wrong... But I have recently heard multiple stories of players joining the server for the very first time and not even being allowed to get their first vehicle without either being robbed or taken hostage, this doesn't really add a role play benefit to the players in question. The way I think that this could be prevented from happening is to add a PvP Timer script though I am not sure if this is somewhat possible as I don't have the littlest clue when it comes to Arma 3 Scripting, but it is a suggestion of course. Practically for those of which don't play minecraft factions or any other game that may have this feature, I will give a short definition of what this does. You as a new player were to join the server for the very first time, you leave the spawn and then that sets you off on an "e.g. One hour grace period" to have nothing happen to you within the time given, like being robbed or kidnapped. This should give you enough time to get to know the basics of Lakeside and go do yourself a diamond run or something along those lines to get you started with a decent amount of money. Maybe this could be added with an extra tag above their name tag stating that they have a PvP Timer active along with a rule stating that it is in fact a thing?
  12. Where is the Staff Punishment Guide?

    I'm not sure where the guidelines are, but feel free to make a report here! Just make sure to choose the "Complain" department.
  13. Im jram117

    Welcome back Jram!
  14. Gotta love being a dev

    Hahaha, omg thats legit!
  15. Back

    Ayy, Yachty