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    1. Add RED Vehciels

      RED's Vehicles were looked at for a time, the only issue with them Is the price that is charged in order to use them on a public server such as ours
    2. More lighting outside of DOC

      A good workaround I have found for this for the time being is if you are atop the two front towers you can activate your NVG's and the bright lights from inside don't affect you while looking on the outer perimeter
    3. Goodbye but not farewell.

      Good luck with whatever the future holds for you and your company Mark and like Friewulf has said I hope that all your callouts go quickly and safely for you and your team
    4. Support Team Meeting

      Brief Meeting for all support team members on Sunday 11/06/17 Attendance is mandatory, if for some reason you cannot attend please contact myself (Christian) prior to the meeting Regards Christian
    5. LVPD: Command Meeting

      PD Command Meeting 28/5/2017 State Command will be holding a meeting for all command staff of the police department (Lieutennant and above) if any command members are unable to attend please contact a member of State Command and inform them. Chief Christian Pike
    6. LVPD: SWAT Training

      SWAT TRAINING SESSION 28/5/2017 SWAT will be holding a training session at 7:30PM BST (2:30PM EST) All SWAT including reserve's are allowed to attend This training is MANDATORY, if you cannot attend please message me before the training begins The training will start at SWAT base and cover basic procedures on how to act as reserve and communicate efficiently as a team. We will also run training at the training grounds and will simulate a bank robbery and other possible situations
    7. Hello Again!

      Welcome back
    8. Darwin Cried

      Welcome Darwin
    9. Tristan Walshy Poo

      Welcome Tristan
    10. How to get website tags?

      yeah as stated by Scott there if you jump into that channel one of the website admins will get in contact with you as soon as they're available and they'll sort you out