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    1. ECR New Logo!

      I prefer #1 because its PNG and its better for diferente backgrounds like if you want to use it in TS it wouldn't have that black background, but I personally perfer the one that you used to show the company.
    2. Emita Cops Teaser Trailer (Unofficial)

      You love original cops series?? whoa
    3. Emita Cops Teaser Trailer (Unofficial)

      When is the full trailer comin'? @Coldy Whats the setup?? @Luck
    4. Jail Is Too Long

      Yup its called Emita Criminal Code
    5. State of the law enforcement

      The Jail time for illegal magazines is a fair time, but if you have an illegal weapon what do you expect?? They are illegal for a reason... Like when you do crimes that you can be caught dont take that many magazines with you.
    6. Less frequent and shorter safehouse missions

      ^ I think it should be implemented a cooldown timer