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    1. I feel as if adding more unnecessary constraints is just going to fuck up the population more
    2. Balance & Money making

      i could have, but i sort of progressively set the bar too high for you obviously
    3. Balance & Money making

      All of these one word responses REALLY aren't moving the conversation along imo
    4. Balance & Money making

      I think that everyone on this server just has a hugely skewed perspective on what good roleplay is, especially @Alsing
    5. Balance & Money making

      that was the entire point of his post you melon
    6. Cleaning your computer awareness

      doing this creates static electricity buildup in your components.
    7. 3rd Person

      I personally have vertigo and with first person and having to alt look around everywhere from a single point makes me want to puke
    8. Emita memes

      No point, we hit these houses on a daily basis.
    9. Alexander lost is back

      lost with waffles?
    10. Blacksmith camping

      I'd like camping it to stay. Adds a pretty high risk value to getting 7.62 weapons. If you don't have the men to support getting a shipment, then you don't deserve it. Outlaws go into our shipments in bulk, and with at least 4 men.
    11. well safehouse isn't giving out money, and they recently increased time between safehouse to 1hour.
    12. other than the fact that rp on safehouse is against the point, civs have shitty guns and honestly, taking a cop on straight on with a glock, no matter the action setting, will not win against a swat sergeant with body armor, level 2 helm and a 7.62
    13. Add RED Vehciels

      100 dollars? dont we have a surplus in donations to deal with just these kind of paywalls? These look WAYYYY fucking better than anything we have in the modpack.
    14. Pretty simple, cops are using this instead of the police computer and it really grinds my gears. As seen on JayHolmes stream.
    15. Add Direct Typechat and more for RP

      This suggestion would also vastly help with medical rp though. you cant roleplay a seizure without yelling 'I think im having a seizure!' like a mong