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    1. New DOC

      Make yard bigger? There is no space for a heli to fit there and the fences are so high you wont even get and option if it hovered above yard. There needs to be a chance for a heli to fit at least.
    2. Where are the players at m8?

      *OLD ALRP when it wasn't cancer xD, and the server wasn't a hackers playground.
    3. Cleaning your computer awareness

      Nice Meme
    4. 3rd Person

      Make it fair yeh? Ill take a bullet proof car then to level the playing grounds.
    5. hi

      Wog won G
    6. SWAT be like....

      It was a joke Jesus...
    7. 3rd Person

      How about no... Thats the dumbest idea I have seen I mean you say its done by mostley CIVs yet Officers of the LAW always do a cheeky third eye. #BringBackMicheal
    8. ECR New Logo!

      Based Off Sunrise Side Towings Logo, If you want to use it just PM me on Ts and ill send you a PNG version.
    9. Airsoft

      you need to clean ur carpet and room fuck me...
    10. Airsoft

      Yo Im reppin a TM 416D + 6 TM midcap mags cas fuck high caps. Big up the rich bois yeh?
    11. Re-texturing Carrier Lite.

      Yo I got u G. What does the underground outlaws clothing look like?
    12. Emita memes

      For starters it was Jimmy Long crying, and I litteraly siad I had 2 FPS.
    13. Lee dodger dealer

      It ain't marked on map... (Its by police station in the Zoom, Zoom, Zoom store
    14. Blacksmith camping

      So you are telling me im not allowed to message my firends when we are dead?
    15. Blacksmith camping