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    1. Roleplay is dead.

      Plus they only took your stuff they didn't even take you hostage. Wasn't the smartest move nontheless
    2. LOA

      Noted by HR.
    3. Danny Bewick LOA Request

      I know the reason. LOA approved and processed. Good luck!
    4. Balance & Money making

      Because the only thing they can think about is killing e.a. they think this is wasteland.
    5. Cleaning your computer awareness

      You can do it with a vacuum cleaner, you're gonna have to ground your entire pc and components though. Still don't recommend it however
    6. How to soak bullets 101

      - SiS operate with their numbers as already said by other people. - I used the quote about life to try and create an example that you're not always gonna win every battle you fight, but that doesn't mean you will never be able win one. - I never "bitch" / "moan" like the way you're doing now ( Posting video's and suggestion how terribly overpowered a certain group is ). The way most grown ups do this is by being sad / upset / mad for a couple of minutes and moving on: 'oh well, shit happens' . Maybe you should give it a try! Would just like to point out I always play cop and I've died plenty of times but I've never posted anything on the forums about certain individuals being overpowered
    7. How to soak bullets 101

      It's not like this topic is going to change anything. You were fighting against 3 people. If you would've killed them they would say that you were too OP just like you're doing now. Just accept the fact that sometimes life doesn't always go in your favour and move on, bitching about how horrible or unfair your life is won't make it any better
    8. SWAT Guns

      As always these kind of topics never work out... Have a talk with pd state command and maybe command from the civilian gangs about balance and you'll probably get more out of it then these posts on the forums
    9. Josh Cole - LOA Request

      I assume this is not needed anymore
    10. Honestly man I have no idea how to fix this... I did come across another player however who also got this very strange issue when a bank robbery wasn't going in his favour so I think it has to do with your computer who's feeling your senses of your frustration and then just shuts off. Maybe try and play with some relaxing music on the background
    11. Cadet Exam #1 29/08/2017

      FTO’s Attended: Daeron White Name: Plastic Spoon ( Kid who thinks he's REALLY funny however he's gonna have to change his name soon ) Test Score: 80% Test Score Screenshot: https://gyazo.com/c86c1d38c54a0c064869c7989997b325 Overall (Passed/Failed): Passed
    12. Community Setup Wars / Tech help.

      Please tell me you bought it like this and didn't build it yourself?
    13. Community Setup Wars / Tech help.

      Some cables are too short so I cant really make it better
    14. Community Setup Wars / Tech help.

      Uploaded pictures. Perfect cable management as you can see
    15. Community Setup Wars / Tech help.

      1. PSU : 650 Watts Thermaltake 2. CPU : AMD FX-6350 Six-core 3.90 Ghz - Watercooled : Thermaltake Water 3.0 Pro 3. GPU : NVIDIA GeForce 960 4. Case : Thermaltake Versa H23 5. Any additional/unique changes made to any parts. 16 gigs of RAM I have 1 front fan, 2 fans cooling my watercooling radiator keeping my CPU at about 30 degrees when playing games.