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  1. Community Setup Wars / Tech help.

    Please tell me you bought it like this and didn't build it yourself?
  2. Community Setup Wars / Tech help.

    Some cables are too short so I cant really make it better
  3. Community Setup Wars / Tech help.

    Uploaded pictures. Perfect cable management as you can see
  4. Community Setup Wars / Tech help.

    1. PSU : 650 Watts Thermaltake 2. CPU : AMD FX-6350 Six-core 3.90 Ghz - Watercooled : Thermaltake Water 3.0 Pro 3. GPU : NVIDIA GeForce 960 4. Case : Thermaltake Versa H23 5. Any additional/unique changes made to any parts. 16 gigs of RAM I have 1 front fan, 2 fans cooling my watercooling radiator keeping my CPU at about 30 degrees when playing games.
  5. Change panic button key

    LOL yeah it's also bound to the infistar delete.... I have deleted my own car where I was hiding behind during a shootout because I pressed the "panic button" .... Also kind of annoying staff constantly needs to say "Disregard panic" when we're trying to delete a helicopter crash or something
  6. Medkits Rule change

    Aight man look I aint here to change your opinion if you think you're right then so be it, I won't judge you
  7. Medkits Rule change

    LOOL please don't tell me civs enjoy getting robbed by the big gangs or getting taken hostage all the time... My comment had nothing to do with me being a cop. I just gave an example. And a license? Like civs dont have enough money to instantly buy it so it makes no difference at all
  8. Medkits Rule change

    Alrightyyyyy here we gooo: So what you would like here to be allowed is that a big gang such as the underground Outlaws to be able to revive eachother after they have killed let's say half the police department so they can keep their big ass 7.62 weapons or their automatic 5.56 whatever they have and just continue their killing spree like nothing happened... ?? e.a. not having to rebuy their gear as some form of set back after they died. Nah I'm good I think it needs to stay the way it is currently untill it becomes a big problem
  9. PC Problems!

    Alright who ever is talking about cooling.... WTF MAN! His pc crashing has nothing to do with cooling. Blitz has more then enough fans running for his GPU and CPU. Now on to what I would do, do you have any spare parts lying around? Any older gear maybe? If you do swap one of them for the ones in your PC and see if the situation has changed. As for your pc crashing that could have multiple reasons; outdated drivers, dust or just faulty hardware. Last thing is your PSU. 600 watts doesnt feel much with what you're running so that might have a cause aswell
  10. Happy Birthday!

  11. Happy birthday man :)

    1. Daeron


      Thank youu :)


    You mean an EMP leo ?
  13. Balance Suggestion

    how about: No, I don't mind 7.62 weapons to stay or armed clothing however I do think that the price should be increased/special rules implemented to restrict the use of 7.62 or armed clothing etc. Sometimes a 7.62 out in the public is fine and it can bring some fun and roleplay but just not all the time please....
  14. More Prison RP

    Small problem with the cells always open, as everyone knows the end of the prison cell complex is a bit buggy so you can literally walk right through the walls. If that is fixed im ok with it
  15. police tow truck

    And then what? Where do we bring it? Kind of removes the purpose of JR Haulage tbh although I do like the idea it adds more realism as gang members would still be able to 'retake' the vehicle by attacking the towtruck