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    1. hi

    2. Complementary Special Weapons

      +1... I really like the look of this mod.
    3. How to soak bullets 101

      Beautifully said.
    4. 3rd Person

      You lost me around the part where you were talking about glasses
    5. 3rd Person

      A lot of people enjoy doc and the police force has a LOT of cadets at the minute. I don't notice the lag spikes in first person, and just bere in mind it's for combat only.
    6. 3rd Person

      Recently police have been outnumbered by gangs. With most of the 8 police officers at doc.
    7. 3rd Person

      I don't understand what you are trying to say here. SWAT sgts+ want to play the game like me and you. They have access to that through SOP hence the use of it.
    8. 3rd Person

      From what I have noticed, I have seen it code red once. And at the pd meeting, there was an issue brought up about he lack of requesting swat.
    9. 3rd Person

      100% agree.
    10. 3rd Person

      Don't get me started. To be as polite as possible, the police (unless code red) have level 1 armour and 5.56 weapons. Under any threat level civilians have the option to choose between lvl 1 armour to lvl 3. They also have the option of 5.56, or other calibres such as 5.45. The statement you made is incorrect.
    11. l

      Hello. We don't start with such a low amount. We have a beginning price of 60k. I believe you are thinking of another community. Kind Regards Brandon
    12. 3rd Person

      When you say it's used by the police, it is much harder to do so. For example when you are breaching the bank, first person has literally no advantage to the police. As a civilian you can hide in a tiny room watching cordiors from inside said room. And when you say it makes you sick or claustrophobic, it would only be inside gunfight or major crime to even the playing fields. It would mean no 3rd person peaking etc. My two cents on why it should be added.
    13. 3rd Person

      Plus 1. I understand people will complain, however it adds an aspect of realism and makes it even when people are camping places, such as bank as you mention.
    14. SWAT be like....

      police brutality much?
    15. Economy

      As dajackal said, you havent been looking hard enough. People complain all the time, needless to say it is annoying everyone. The police want a "quiet" day, away from all the gun fights etc, but that is simply not possible. Every man and his dog seems to have a gun nowadays. The economy should be adjusted to make GUNS more expensive. They have already been increased when we started emita, but they should be increased again.