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  1. New Maps, New Rules, New Developers

    Im not trying to pick sides, however reading through this and seeing this there is something I would like to suggest. Change your characters name so you can RP as someone other than the UO player. This could be a lawyer, farmer, miner, or even a meth dealer. This does not mean you need to be agressive, just change how you play on the server. I, for one, has around 3 characters, 1 gang, 1 cop, and one law-abiding citizen.
  2. Community Setup Wars / Tech help.

    Cpu - i5 6400 GPU - Zotac 1050 ti mini Ram - 8gb Mobo - Asus h110m
  3. Change panic button key

    I dont agree as most people will adapt to this, as I have. I have also, along side many people, got hotkeys already bound to that key. -1
  4. Medkits Rule change

    here is how I would put it... If a situation has finished and there are NO medics are online or they have waited over 10mins then it should be allowed. If there are medics online this should be strictly disallowed because it would make being a medic pointless.
  5. Arma-roleplay New Map

    I think that seaside is good
  6. Creatable gangs

    Just bear this rule in mind when creating the option if accepted 10.0.2 - There can only be one official leader of a gang.
  7. The adventures of Issac Frodsham

    I dont know whats funnier turbo alsing or you can get that in the bank...
  8. How do u set up shadowplay

    Oh... I do appologise for doubting you
  9. How do u set up shadowplay

    Thats like saying I have 2x 1080ti sli, i7 6950x and 128gb of ram... way out of range...
  10. Brandon's poem

    I felt special now I cri everytiem
  11. Brandon's poem

    You said you were gay for me, I needed proof
  12. The adventures of Issac Frodsham

    All my answers in life have become answered - you get the focus from there!
  13. Credit Cards

    I completely agree, unless we add 20% onto all prices or something like that what would become apparent when you pay via a card, and it would not be able to used at illegal shops like the weed dealer etc. It would simply not be practical for the server. No body would carry money anymore if it is implemented without any other restrictions.
  14. I think this should be shown BEFORE someone gives a nametag, if even used at all.
  15. Ayyyeee, I got mentioned However, I do agree with most of the points. Some in the comments I also agree with. I agree with the name tag where you edit nicknames. Another way to boost civilian ratio is getting jobs where you can rather be unemployed or be a member of one of the official business. There could also be some specific jobs pre-built into the server, like a mining job that gives you access to the mining shop which contains everything you need to mine for diamonds or whatever. When part of this job, you could get an increased paycheck over the normal one and then you get the money from diamonds. When part of an official business, you could get like a 10,000 paycheck, and then any bonuses that you get every 10-20 minutes. The more time you are part of the official faction, the more money you get from it. Some other legal job ideas could be- Miner, fracker where you search for oil, logging, fishing, repair man (if a object gets destroyed or has fallen over you get to repair it and get some money), car sales man (sell cars instead of going to AI), mechanic/tow truck driver (if youre car gets damaged you call them and they repair it for you). That is all the ideas I have at the moment. And for the idea of removing crosshair, I personally do not agree with this as some guns sights are un-usable.