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    1. New Project

      Look's like the police car from Arma 2
    2. Illegal Money Making

      Or maybe you could just use fishing like you already have on Arma 3 and just rename a fish to whale which can be sold a the Whale Dealer in the same place as it was on Arma 2
    3. Illegal Money Making

      "Turtle poaching. Be able to buy the SDAR (underwater rifle) and kill/collect turtles." Make it Whale Poaching like the good old days
    4. Something that just crossed my mind

      If you're unconscious then you can't do anything
    5. Automatic Server Restarts

      I think the server needs automatic server restarts every 4 or 6 hours this way it helps keep the server running smoothly. And also would you be able to display the server up time some where on the GUI
    6. Hostage Area

      I think it would be nice to see the good old Hostage Area being brought back to the place next to the old south district where the weed processing is currently in that factory
    7. Illegal Money Making

      Could you add back Illegal Money Shipment like on Arma 2 where you could purchase the shipments from north and sell them at south
    8. Thanks to the development team!

      Calm down big boy
    9. Thanks to the development team!

      Arma 3 Emita is never going to be as good as Arma 2 it can't be and never will be.
    10. A More Realistic Approach to Gang Bases

      Your gang base can be the church in Emita square but let me mention it will be 6ft under plenty of space for your gang
    11. A More Realistic Approach to Gang Bases

      Looks a bit like a Rust base to me
    12. Concerns about emita

      Will money be reset every week like Arma 2?
    13. Arma-roleplay New Map

      Arma 2 Island Life