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  1. Rule Suggestions

    Keep in mind a garage also counts as a 'house'.
  2. Upcoming Changes Hello everyone, I'm writing a post today to help give some insight into our planned future and what we are hopeful to achieve. After much deliberation, we have finally come to a decision and begun development. We considered the poll made, we spoke to staff members and engulfed ourselves in discussions between members of the community. We heard what was being said and believe that the route we're planning to take will please many. Upon the ending of the poll on Kelley's island, our plan was to move to that map and transfer all of our current content, and in turn, change our rules to suit the new map. However, we came to the conclusion after much debate that with the combination of Kelley's island size & the way the terrain has been terraformed, it would be unwise to switch to this map. The map itself is less than 5 x 5 km and our original plan, if we were to switch to that map, was to create additional islands around the mainland, and possibly connect them, but this now seems to be impossible with the current original Kelleys Island version having a crash issue, where you crash upon entering either of the two big towns. Therefore, the other alternative was to switch to Seaside, a variant of Kelley's Island. However, after a few us downloading the map, exploring it and experimenting with it, we also decided the map was far too small and was just kind of ugly, due to the way the landscape has been shaped. So, we had to choose another map that was well-built, spacious in some areas, and squished in others, having the ideal combination to allow perfect gunfights and police chases. Hence, we have now decided to switch to Emita. That's right, we'll all be shipped off to a map that we're a bit more familiar with! Although, I'll state right now as to avoid confusion and to answer everyone's question...we're not moving to our old ruleset, nor are we going to drift away from proper role-play, and yes, we're still on Arma 3. Not a great deal will change, only the map and some rule improvements. As Emita is an Arma 2 map, you would be led to believe that the graphics for the map would be bad, if not terrible. Well thankfully, you'd be wrong, the map actually looks really good, despite some buildings being from Arma 2. I think the best way to describe some of the buildings is that it looks like Arma 2 with the best graphics, but even better than that; they look like the equivalent of a modded house/building but are actually fully functional. Emita has everything we need and believe this truly is the right step to take, in regards to choosing a less-generic map. Our Estimated Timeline *Dates are conditional, read below Trailer & Mod Pack Release (28th July) Dates may adjust ranging from the 26-31st. Between these dates, you can expect an update to our mod pack, containing the new map and other mods, and as well as the release of our trailer. Development Update (1st August) Dates may adjust ranging from the 31st-2nd. Between these dates, there will be a somewhat large post made explaining most of our features, and will give an accurate release date. Launch of Advertisement Campaign (3rd August) Dates may adjust depending on accurate release date given in development update. The campaign will launch 2 days before release and will consist of 8000 E-Mails being sent out, as well promoting our trailer on YouTube, and potentially having some streamers/YouTubers help us. Advertising is very expensive so any purchases in our store within these 2 weeks will be very much appreciated! Expected Release (5th August) The expected release given at this moment in time is Saturday 5th August, but this may change depending on any unforeseen circumstances, we'll keep you posted on any delays in our development updates. Additionally, we plan on scheduling a community meeting either just before or after the map has changed, there we can discuss any immediate issues and try to remedy them. If you have any questions on this topic, please don't hesitate in contacting a member of staff or myself. We're very excited for what is to come and are hopeful you can join us on this nostalgic trip. Kind regards, Arma Roleplay Team
  3. Rule Suggestions

    If you have any suggestions on our current rule set, please reply to this thread with the following information: Quote the rule State your opinion Suggest change Every suggestion will be looked at by the Leadership Team, and a response will be made in our upcoming announcements. If no suggestions are made, we'll assume they're perfect so please, comment if you have an opinion. IF YOU SUPPORT ANY RULE SUGGESTIONS GIVEN, PLEASE UPVOTE IT
  4. Donation Ideas

    It really doesn't matter what our interpretation of the Bohemia rules are, they do as they wish with their game and have threatened us multiple times in the past when we believe we weren't breaking the rules. Best to play it safe. Regarding business/gang skinning, we have contact with an experienced skinner and he is willing to help us. We're still in the works of negotiating with him and are hopeful to have something sorted by next week.
  5. New Maps, New Rules, New Developers

    In response to your entire post, I don't disagree that a community meeting would be good, but unfortunately, time is not a luxury in this circumstance with new players that join leaving due to a dead server, and with our developers going on leave for a while in a few days. Our upcoming announcements will clear things up but we just don't have the time for any more decision making, and so development has to begin. However, I myself have been talking to many members over the last few weeks, and have actively been replying and reading all threads on this topic area, additionally, myself and Hillman have been talking to a great deal of staff members in order to decide the best possible outcome. We have received feedback and many responses from the community, so we feel our decision is a decision that the community will not be displeased with. We have decided to go down a certain route, one that we hope will please the majority. Again, announcements will follow in the next few days. But.... a community meeting will be held within the next 2 weeks, depending on the progress of our development.
  6. New Maps, New Rules, New Developers

    Perhaps told wrong? The backlog may be a concern but we never had an issue with communication. Anywho, aye I agree, the community attempted to jump from Arma 2's 'light-roleplay' to Arma 3 hardcore roleplay, which of course created a divide. Developers are hard to find and we're looking at every developer application coming in, and when we could, we offered a paid position. I like the idea of the donation product for the developers, and I'll discuss with SLT into having it added today/tomorrow. At this stage, we're very likely to be changing maps, I cannot confirm that it will be Kelley's island, but I can say that Lakeside is too big for us and too generic, to be honest. When we finally make the map change, we'll be reviewing all of our current rules and will adjust them to finally decide our identity - then players can make a decision based upon who we are to decide whether or not they will stay, leave or join.
  7. New Maps, New Rules, New Developers

    Imagine the fun and great chaos. Bring back Port our Arma 2 rules to Arma 3, i.e remove TFR, allow metagaming, have a bunch of fun And move to a small map I'm an advocate and great lover for such a gamemode, after all, I came from ILG. But would it work? Would be glorious, but devasting on our current player base and create a complete divide.
  8. Staff Meeting

    Staff Meeting - 7:30PM UK Time There will be a staff meeting for all staff. Please do your best to attend but if you cannot attend then please find a senior member of the staff team after the 23rd to get up to date.
  9. Arma-roleplay New Map

    The Leadership team will soon be discussing this topic and so any and all further contributions to this post will be appreciated.
  10. Happy birthday man :)

    1. Daeron


      Thank youu :)


    Anyone experiencing these issues, please contact me via the website and be sure to send me your IP address (get it from here).
  12. Mass E-Mails

    Hi, Very soon we plan on doing a small mod-pack update, as well as a huge mission file update which will contain some exciting new features. See the video below for some insight: Once we're sure everything is ready, we'll let you know when the release date is (expected in the next 7 days). Kind regards, Arma Roleplay Team
  13. Rule Changes

    Added: 1.0.1 - A high level of roleplay is expected on this server. Failing to provide a sufficient level of roleplay will lead to your removal (the server is role-play, not rule-play). 10.0.7 - You may not form alliances with other gangs. This includes joining an ongoing hostile situation to help a gang; this does not mean, however, that you cannot do business.