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  1. Recruitment Meeting

    Recruitment Meeting
  2. Where are the players at m8?

    You're being heard Luck, perhaps wait for the announcements upcoming and then make a comment on our solutions. Your points aren't far fetched and many speak truths, we're hopeful the changes will be for the better.
  3. Posts made here will contain the majority of details on every minor and major update.
  4. Website Changelog

    14th September 2017 Adjusted the donation goals to suit the changes of our financial requirements.
  5. Website Changelog

    Details on website changes will be posted here.
  6. Ellis

  7. Where are the players at m8?

    Although you'd be surprised, I'm not trying to be naive as I know there are a few good reasons why things are a bit low right now, such as what McMullen said - we're in actually in the process of switching hosts with very well proven DDoS protection, obviously at a substantial cost though. Anyways, our community is largely British players, along with US players, our player current hit a sudden drop at the start of this week (ref gametracker), which just so happens to be the start of a school week for many people. When we were on Lakeside, we hit huge peak figures compared to what we had on average during Easter, but as soon as the Sunday before school begins again came around, we dropped from the 55 peak to 25, then a full week later things rose again. Again, I know that we're being attacked, I know a random competitor appeared and we are aware of the complaints we have received about our server - we're working on solving the issues. I guess we'll have to see, but we have many plans in place, all very far from shutting down the website, selling the domain and not purchasing a server box. One thing is for certain, we aren't cowards nor are we criminals, so we will not be returning the favour to those DDoSing us.
  8. Emita Release & Changelog

    Update: 11/09/2017 Update 1.6 Added New Interaction Menu I am happy to say we have completed designing our new graphics for the interaction menu: Phone (50% Done) We're releasing our new phone in chunks, as of now only a small part of the phone has been released, but we have built the foundations to complete the rest. Fixed/Changed Fixed an issue with gang vaults COMING SOON / IN PROGRESS NEW VEHICLE MODS PHONE UPDATES JAIL ACTIVITIES IMPORTANT RULES CHANGES MORE VISUAL CHANGES & NEW MENUS See all upcoming and WIP projects on our public Trello - https://trello.com/b/2oylYc1z/public-arma-roleplay See new rule changes: http://forums.arma-roleplay.net/topic/437-rule-changes/?page=2&tab=comments#comment-13526 Credits @ZKB1325 @CMC. Smith, our graphic designer ' legosky ' & @hp user
  9. Rule Changes

    Changed From: 2.0.7 - Vocal initiation is required before causing any type of harm. This includes tasing and knocking people out. To: 2.0.7 - Vocal initiation is required before causing any type of harm. This includes tasing, knocking someone out, pulling someone out of a vehicle and restraining. Added: Green zones consist of: - All Emita Police Stations (DOC is not a green zone, SWAT base and the training grounds are a greenzone) More rule changes to come.
  10. Rule Changes

    Rule changes will be posted here. http://forums.arma-roleplay.net/arma-3-rules/
  11. Emita Development [Full Details]

    v1.5.4 Fixed SK's vehicle spawn point Added garages to SK & Longs Fixed the PC-9 plane not spawning Removed all broken cars that failed to spawn/were missing tires etc. Added Dodge car dealer map icon Added helicopter shop to ESU airfield...oops Much to come over this following week or so: New interaction menu New phone New vehicle mods and skins Continued bug fixes Interested in helping us maintain our public Trello? If so, please message me on the website ASAP.
  12. Change the punishments for illegal things.

    We're currently in the process of redoing what you do in the jail, which will include money making ways, escaping, shanks, etc. We won't be reducing the jail time to one hour maximum, as many disagree with this and the majority prefer having a sense of risk when doing illegal stuff. There's no risk in getting a 15 minute jail sentence for killing someone. We will look at the jail sentences again, but quite soon the jail will have its own sense of gameplay and will have its own exciting parts.
  13. Rule Suggestion

    I've always wondered whether we should add our old Arma 2 restrain system, e.g. you can only be restrained if your hands are up or if you're knocked out/tased. and add a tackling system for when the police are chasing someone, where someone can defend themselves from being tackled.
  14. Emita Development [Full Details]

    V1.5.2 Fixed Longs gang membership Fixed Longs spawn point Fixed Longs & SK vehicle spawn points Fixed drug area gang shops Fixed prices of Cyber Terrorist & Vehicle Tracker in drug area gang shop Police panic button works fully Reduced mission file size Fixed issue with Safehouse not paying you if weapon was on your back
  15. Emita Development [Full Details]

    v1.5 released 31st August - http://forums.arma-roleplay.net/topic/2731-emita-release-changelog/?tab=comments#comment-12421 v1.5.1 Adjustments to new gang bases & Arringtons base Fixed purchasing gang membership for SK & Longs Changed gang membership price to $30,000 Cops now have a 10 minute NLR timer showing on respawn Fixed panic button - markers also only show for police Added SK/Longs shop Fixed spawn points for Swings and Kings, Emita City Recovery, Longs Removed Slum Containers - if you owned one of these and have now lost your crate containing items, please make a compensation request. We needed to remove them as they were unraidable by police or civilians.
  16. New Donation System Hello all, I'm writing this to let you all in on some changes we've implemented. We have decided to move to a donation goal system, whereby you can choose exactly where and how your money is spent. Upon donating you can have a few options to choose from in terms of where your money will end up and what it will be used for. Additionally, we have removed all Tier packages and added Donator, Lifetime Donator and AR Patron. Here's some information taken from the new donation page: We have added a few things in which you can donate towards, which includes Monthly Upkeep, Development Costs & New Vehicle Mods, see all information here. All those that bought Tier 1 & Tier 2, have been credited the amount they spent to their account, allowing them to spend it in the store. Those that purchased Tier 3 or Tier X have been granted Lifetime Donator. And for those that have spent $200 or more in the store, have been given AR Patron. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask one of our staff members.
  17. Rule Changes

    Changed: 1.1.1 - TEMP RULE for event (info here) - You may kill the KOS staff member at any point and in any location EXCEPT greenzones. Civilians can be arrested for murder, but officers and government officials (including SIS) will NOT face investigation. Added "except greenzones".
  18. Current Development Status & Trello Hello all, Over the last 2 and a half weeks, we have been hectically trying to push updates on a regular basis, issue fixes almost every day and at least one or two content releases a week. Content right now is okay, but it is about to be much better. We still have lots to do and are actively looking at suggestions for more ideas, you can see our development progress via our new public Trello board, here: https://trello.com/b/2oylYc1z/public-arma-roleplay This new public access Trello board will show all features & fixes that are planned for upcoming releases, apart from critical bugs/exploits. See your bug & suggestions get put on the board and see them released within a week or two. We still have a long road ahead but we're all still very energized. We are aware that summer holidays are coming to an end, and that recent events (such as UK GCSE results) have affected our player count, but nonetheless, we have successfully contacted a few content makers (Streamers/YouTubers) and some have agreed to come on. Right now, we're looking at around 10-15 newly registered members, and around 10 new players in-game every day, which is keeping a steady pace. Much is to come, much is to be expected. Keep up to date here. Kind regards, Arma Roleplay Team
  19. Rule Changes

    Added: 7.0.10 - Police officers may not loiter or camp Civilian Spawn. They may enter the area but only for as long as the situation requires them to be there.
  20. Bring bank truck mission back? We're doing this to get a general knowledge of what people would like, and are not guaranteeing it will be added even if a positive response is visible.
  21. Emita Development [Full Details]

    25th August: All details: http://forums.arma-roleplay.net/topic/2731-emita-release-changelog/?tab=comments#comment-11557
  22. "cops are not op"

  23. Rule Changes

    Added: 1.1.1 - TEMP RULE for event (info here) - You may kill the KOS staff member at any point, in any location. Civilians can be arrested for murder, but officers and government officials (including SIS) will NOT face investigation.
  24. Emita Development [Full Details]

    22nd August: All details: http://forums.arma-roleplay.net/topic/2731-emita-release-changelog/?tab=comments#comment-11191
  25. Emita Release & Changelog

    Update: 22/8/2017 Added Criminal Informants Every time someone plants/collects drugs, there is a small chance that a "Criminal Informant" will spawn. Civilians in that gang area will be tasked with killing the CI that has spawned somewhere on the map (it is marked), and the police will be tasked with getting information from the CI. If the police manage to get information from the CI, then the police are given sufficient evidence to raid the drug gang area. Police Mass Announcements Department & State Command of the police department can now send mass announcements to all civilians. Was highly requested and will help civilians keep track of major crimes that are occurring. Safehouse Wanting During safehouse missions, the entire zone will prevent evidence boxes from dropping. This will prevent civilians being set wanted for man slaughter after the mission has ended. Civilian Pull-Out Civilians, similar to our Arma 2 server, can now pull other civilians out of locked or unlocked vehicles, providing they have a weapon. It takes 4 seconds to pull someone out of the vehicle, and a warning message is sent to the victim. If the victim drives away in time, they do not get pulled out. Fixed/Changed Respawn button can not be pressed whilst getting revived Respawn timer changed to 5 minutes, to help ESU respond in time Pulling someone out of the vehicle no longer pulls every occupant, only one at a time Threat level menu returns on respawn (re-fixed) Forgot to mention: HK417 removed from State Patrol AK12 removed from Blacksmith, it was bugged Added HK417 to the Blacksmith, has the highest price and requires 3 different processed resources to obtain Ammo shop for Blacksmith has now been moved onto the crate, making obtaining ammo easier COMING SOON Secret Service Features New police radar Changes to the gang/drug areas Allow someone to see what they're wanted Police Tackling ESU fixes & adjustments New Interaction menu And a whole load more.... UPDATES STILL COMING DAILY @ZKB1325 @CMC. Smith the masterminds to thank.