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    1. State of the law enforcement

      Not going into detail: I disagree with everthing said. Especially jail times.
    2. Nerf Cops - LEAVE YOUR OPINION

      I don't think people understand... Cops are not OP, People just complain when they die, they brag when they don't. What? Honestly, people are being really ignorant to both sides. I think that we have a little bit more to fix before it is fair for both sides, and let me say, it's not the cops that needs nerfed. If cops are nerfed, I will retire because it is not at all needed and will honestly destroy the server. Not to mention the Long Family completely ignores roleplay. For example, a shootout on top of pistol 2 times in a row within 30min is not roleplay. Get out of the god damn Arma 2 state of mind so people can actually enjoy the game. Safehouses still need worked on, for example, timers needs changed to an 1 hour and 30min to 2 hour cooldown, along with the timer decreased to 20min and payout decreased.
    3. Nerf Cops - LEAVE YOUR OPINION

      What? I just got one tapped by a pistol at safehouse, same did Christian and Dajackal... Like what? Get gud
    4. Add RED Vehciels

      $100 or so I think.
    5. Subaru In Car Shop

      I believe it's reserved for gangs?
    6. Give More XP

      Buying a car, processing any item, impounding, hacking any vault, selling dirty money, etc... many more btw.
    7. Emita Release & Changelog

      Update: 10/8/2017 Full Detail List: Click Here Fixed/Changed Searching removes Keycards Spawn Point Fixes Removed A3L Escorts (Glitched) Fixed issue concerning players being banned unneedly by the server (Contact Developer or Ellis if not) Uranium Mine no longer kills with suit on Minor Details
    8. Emita Development [Full Details]

      10th August: Virtually Searching a Player will removed DOC Keycards now. Fixed issues with Sheriff Base Spawn Point and Police Air HQ Spawn Point. Removed all Escorts (A3L_Escort) including any variants of it. (It was glitchy) "Possibly" Fixed an issue concerning unneeded banning via the server. (Server would ban someone for no real reason) Uranium Mine no longer kills a player if he / she is wearing the haz-mat suit. May be other minor details...
    9. Update: 8/8/2017 ***Mod Pack Update Required!*** ***Rule Changes!*** Added New Map - Emita Reskinned Vehicles Police Computer Safehouses Custom HUD Speed cameras Arma 2 Intro Music Random Drug Dealer Spawn Points Fixed/Changed Fixed MTT Perks Wanted List Saves to Database Major Economy Changes 911 Calls are More Noticeable Removed Old HUD Major Edits to the Mission File Soon To Come More Police Computer Features (please suggest some in the suggestions section!) Current bugs will be fixed, please post more if you find them Further Economy Changes Blacksmith This map change was made possible by... @Ellis - Major Changes, Bug Fixing, etc... @[AR]Christian - Reskins, Config Edits... @Tyler Johnson - Map Editing, testing, etc. @Alsing - Reskins, testing, etc. @ZKB1325 - Major Bug Fixes, Police Computer, etc... @CMC. Smith - Bug Fixes, Porting Emita to A3, Safehouse, etc. Shout out to a few people for helping.... @BLitZ Melborn @Leo @Roger Shout out to the rest of the staff team as well for the quick bug testing session... Bugs will present! Report them here as soon as they are found so hot fixes can be made! Thanks! For full details on future updates see: http://forums.arma-roleplay.net/topic/2797-emita-development-full-details/
    10. Thanks to the development team!

      Thank you from the Development Team!
    11. Add Direct Typechat and more for RP

      -1, Direct chat would cause more issues then any gains.
    12. Concerns about emita

      Please, do not start the posts of gangs are to OP, cops are to OP, etc. The way it is now will not be like that forever.
    13. Cinematic Shots of Emita (Arma 3)

      I highly advice against downloading any other mods other then our official mod pack which will be released soon.
    14. Donation Ideas

      That idea has just been added to the shops.
    15. Donation Ideas

      Wulf, They are just suggestions, Not set in stone. Theres no point in looking into new maps if we don't have money to fund a dedi box...