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    1. Roleplay is dead.

      I'm not saying ignore the rule breakers Dorsan, I am saying, report them, then carry on playing. There is no point in raging over someone not getting a ban. I am not denying that there is a problem, I am simply saying, we can not worry 24/7 about a problem player and if he / she is getting banned yet.
    2. Roleplay is dead.

      When reporting someone, it is your burden to prove to staff they broke rules. So unless you live next door to them, I don't your gonna prove that they didn't really "lose connection".
    3. Roleplay is dead.

      I don't understand what you mean by thats the problem. Personally, I don't see why people get so upset when someone doesn't get banned because they see it fit for it to happen. I also gotta say, it is annoying when a repeated rule breaker gets away with something that was "ify". I don't see why it is a problem for people to just play the game, report rule breakers when needed, then go back to playing. Instead, they gotta report the player, stalk them to see if they are banned or not. If they aren't banned, make a rage post on the forums. Happens 99% of the time when a support case doesn't go their way. It really is simple as just playing the game. Not everyone on the server knows the rules to heart. I see a lot of the time accidental rule breaks, but people still want them banned. I also see people with a few PMFs on their record get reported, but coming to find out, they misunderstood a rule, or something similar, but people still want them banned.
    4. Roleplay is dead.

      Punishments are completely up to the staff member handling the cases, which as I also said... I think that people have been getting upset to easily over the most simple of things. For example, a gang member thought a cop instantiated on his fellow member so he shoots the cop. The cop then goes to support, then the gang member gets a warning, the cop gets compensation. Thing is, people think that everything deserves a ban, even if it was misunderstanding like that. I know, not all situations are like that, but most of them really are. We need to start focusing more on playing the server and having fun, then getting salty over someone only getting a warning. It may sound harsh, but that really is the case in most situations. We die in-game, we find out we died because they broke a rule, we report them, they only get a warning, we get upset and make a rage topic on the fourms where it gets locked or hidden, then we rage some more. A lot of things are just because we get salty over dieing, most times from legit reasons rather then rule breaks. So again, just play the game guys, someone breaks a rule, report them, get your compensation, then go play again. There is no need to worry about if they get punished or not, because at the end of the day, if that person is a problem player, then they will get banned. Simple as that. I'm sure people will disagree with me just because they don't like how I'm saying this, but just look at it from other perspectives then just your own. Again, no shade, explaining....
    5. Roleplay is dead.

      You are correct that 6 cops need to be online. I was under the impression of the 5 cops for major crime rule, and when I read over that rule, I just assumed it to be 5 cops. I however now understand the difference after talking to a few other staff members. Again, I know I am wrong, no problem with that. Another thing, saying it is "pathetic" because I misunderstood a rule, is not something that is needed. A simple "Your wrong, this is what it means..." is better off. When people combat log, it is dealt with accordingly to their past record, just like any other case. I would assume you know that @Luck. Assuming that players are not getting in trouble for breaking rules is completely wrong. Just because a player doesn't receive a ban, doesn't mean it doesn't get sorted. I agree, some people may get off easy, but it completely incorrect to assume that the people you listed above is getting away with things that happen. Also, the person you assumed was hacking, wasn't. It was another person who was permanently banned and dealt with. The thing with assuming someone broke a rule is that you don't always know the for story. There are a lot of things that people think they know, when in reality, they don't. Not trying to throw shade, just explaining.
    6. Roleplay is dead.

      What? You just said there was 5 cops on? What are you trying to prove?
    7. Roleplay is dead.

      How about don't impound it? 11.0.7 - You may not commit a major crime with less than 5 cops online.
    8. Roleplay is dead.

      I mean, how is this a reason for the server to die? You were standing next to a gang base, where like atleast 4 armed guys with class 2's were. I don't understand why you would stop there in the first place.
    9. Emita Development [Full Details]

      v1.6.2 Fixed somethings in IRA gang base Fixed some objects allowing you to hide in them Fixed Minor Bugs with Gang Vaults Much to come over this following week or so: New UIs New vehicle mods and skins Continued bug fixes Big announcements soon Interested in helping us maintain our public Trello? If so, please message Ellis on the website ASAP. Interested in being involved with the development team? Fill out this application.
    10. Emita Development [Full Details]

      v1.6.1 Cops can now take drugs, and trade them in for rewards at the PD or Sheriff Station. Added IRA Gang Base Cop Interacting with other cops is fixed Much to come over this following week or so: New UIs New vehicle mods and skins Continued bug fixes Big announcements soon Interested in helping us maintain our public Trello? If so, please message Ellis on the website ASAP. Interested in being involved with the development team? Fill out this application.
    11. Emita Development [Full Details]

      V1.5.3 Added New Governor Car Fixed SIS Base Fixed SIS Heli Shop Fixed Safehouse Major Crimes Check

      I'm liking the montage vids, but please don't start a war with it.
    13. Emita Release & Changelog

      Update: 01/09/2017 Update 1.5 Added Gang/Drug Area Shop From now whenever you capture a drug/gang area, you will have access to purchase special items from the gang shop with gang funds - obtain funds by capturing drug areas and holding them. See what we have added to the gang shop below - more to come. Vehicle Tracker - Gang/Drug Area Shop Virtual item that applies to a vehicle. Keeps a marker on your map of its location, update location every 5 seconds. If the car gets impounded or destroyed, the marker disappears and you're sent a message and hint saying "Your GPS tracker has lost connection." Cyber Terrorist - Gang/Drug Area Shop You can now buy the "Hackable Police Computer" from gang shops after capturing a zone. You have a time limit on how long you have access to the computer and you can lookup others housing, warrants, etc. Along with that, we now have the "Cyber Terrorist (Bounty Remover)". If bought, removes: Attempted Auto Theft, Robbery, Hit and run, Burglary, Drug Possession. Supervisor Contact AI After being arrested, you can pay $75,000 to have a AI contact all available Supervisors for one to respond and look over your case. List of All Minor Additions Added Long Base Added SK Base Added ECR Base Added New SIS Gear Force Respawn after 15min NLR timer for cops (messages on spawn) Boat Garage Pat down of Civilians being Tied Up View VI of a Tied Civillian Instructional Hint for Blacksmith Fixed/Changed Panic Button is now a VI Item Panic Button Markers are Fixed Not having a weapon in Safehouse will mean no payout Safehouse Timer Changed to 1 hour and 30 minutes COMING SOON Jail Activities Interaction Menu New Phone More gang shop items More police computer features and more! @ZKB1325 #DudeThatMakesMeWannaKMS Note: We are now using a Version System - We are now on 1.5, so any hotfixes will be 1.5.1, and major updates would be 1.6.
    14. Squad or PUBG?

    15. Emita Development [Full Details]

      26th August Fixed SIS