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    1. G00D M3M3

    2. Sean Restreppo

      +1 Welcome to Arma Roleplay I hope you find the roleplay experience here as good if not better than it was in your GTA IV roleplaying days
    3. Emita memes

      Shiver me feathers
    4. Emita memes

      please kill me someone I beg
    5. Emita memes

    6. Emita memes

      https://gyazo.com/bcda477aa08037e6aa0263bcdc2825f5 When there are a lot of M 3 M 3 R Z
    7. Emita memes

    8. Emita memes

      @[AR] Brandon
    9. Emita memes

    10. Emita memes

      meaning I have conquered this land once and for all @[AR] Brandon
    11. Emita memes

      Like mine not @[AR] Brandon's?
    12. Emita memes

      https://imgflip.com/i/xs1pe @[AR] Brandon
    13. Emita memes

      https://imgflip.com/i/1ujpnc @[AR] Brandon If you want a meme war a meme war you will get P_P
    14. Emita memes

      Is this the place where quality memes are submitted for the Quality Meme Olympics? https://plays.tv/video/599b8c6b6433306bb3/guess-was-pretty-pumped-for-my-first-kill-on-squad-xd https://plays.tv/video/5998ce643f42be7484/-squadmoments?from=user https://plays.tv/video/5999fbd4581bb0c831/-chewz-drivingwithchewz?from=user https://gyazo.com/b6810e64d2fe250378d51e321584b1ff (triggered) @[AR] Brandon Claims this is a stolen meme? Submitted By: M3M3L0RD Braden
    15. ESU: Escorting

      Winston is not saying E.S.U. should be able to unrestrain/restrain civilians but be able to escort civilians/police and be able to put them in or pull them out of a vehicle/stretcher. I agree with Winston that the E.S.U. should have the ability to do this because some of the police force do not like going to/letting detained/arrested civilians go to the hospital, so they will either not go to the hospital themselves and the person will just stay in the stretcher/bed, or the person will not even be allowed to go to the hospital.