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    1. Where are the players at m8?

      Can't be fucked arguing this anymore; I hope the issues are solved and the population returns to what it was, though that is looking unlikely given the responses from certain people.
    2. Roleplay is dead.

      Have we just glanced over the second quote? Point is; there is a problem. If you choose to deny there is a problem, then go ahead. But your request for people to just carry on playing and ignore all that they've previously had issues with is pointless and won't be increasing the population anytime soon. Not arguing this any further; this is laughable.
    3. Roleplay is dead.

      You cannot disregard the issue and just tell people to continue playing. This is exactly the problem, disregard, disregard, disregard. Look where that has gotten things and quite obviously people are not going to do that.
    4. Roleplay is dead.

      As I've already stated; #1- If they are not receiving adequate enough punishments, that is a piss-take. Must I remind everyone again what was said about how people are being let off to keep players? #2- If they ARE receiving adequate enough punishments it does not look like it to the rest of the community and that is where you have a problem with communication as pretty much the only defense to this issue made by staff has been in defense of the gang, rather than the punishment system. This then leads people to believe there is gang bias, either way this is not the fault of the community as that statement makes it out to be. The gang primarily in question (LF) has not been on since and still, you are without players. What does this say? People have issues with how this situation has been handled.
    5. Change the punishments for illegal things.

      Go watch YouTube video of Jimmy Long crying about FPS. That'll be an hour of entertainment.
    6. Economy

      You aren't looking hard enough.
    7. Dont delete this one ty xoxo

      Fairly certain considering I was the one that shot you.
    8. SWAT Guns

    9. SWAT Guns

      Go figure.
    10. SWAT Guns

      The HK417 is definitely not anything more than a two-shot kill to level 3. How you could suggest up to eight is beyond me really and SWAT is already restricted in terms of what they can/cannot do more than enough.
    11. Emita memes

    12. Emita memes

    13. Emita memes

    14. Emita memes

    15. Emita memes