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  1. [ECPD] Command Meeting

    Command Meeting This command meeting will be put into effect to answer and questions command members may have along with some other things. Please do try and attend this meeting. It will not be a long meerting. Signed, State Command
  2. New Maps, New Rules, New Developers

    - Community is too divided when it comes to its own identity - The two groups within the community have argued, which has drove a lot of players away; people get robbed and then complain about the gangs, which then an unnecessarily heated discussion arises and one group ends up leaving. - Development is backlogged, more developers are needed and the communication needs to improve between developers > SLT (From what I've been told). - Stat wipes should've been a thing a long time ago, however was not a thing due to the whole 'Fixing The Economy' statement. Which has been done for some time and we are still yet to see one, even though I don't believe It would make much difference at this stage. - Staff infighting was a problem that spilled out of the bucket and began trickling down the community (Not so much of an issue as the rest). - All of this combined has resulted in 'Slacking' in major areas of the community whether that be PD/ESU etc. I am also for all the snowflakes, not denying the PD has had it's own set of problems.
  3. Prison RP

    Few Things There is already a department for DOC however due to various reasons, we cannot keep people there. DOC staff have more to do than just look after prisoners, so them not being at DOC whilst it is empty will leave other areas very much open for the taking, for example the evidence locker. In regards to anything PD related, I am happy to speak to you privately as I cannot speak for server-side suggestions such as the make-shift weaponry whilst I do agree it would be nice to see.
  4. Medkits Rule change

    I'm fairly certain this has been suggested in the past, numerous times.
  5. LVPD: HR/FTO Meeting

    HR / FTO Meeting There is going to be an FTO/HR meeting on Sunday, 25th June at 9pm GMT. Please try to attend as OOHR will be going over various important points. Also, use this event and let Daeron & Kiwi know if you can attend. Directed To; @BLitZ Melborn@Tyler Johnson@RoadRunner@Jack Hessels@Scott Lemon@Scream@Darwin Cried@Drake Levants@Friewulf

    By no means is the current system killing roleplay. If they be recklessly corrupt (I.e, release prisoners right infront of other cops) then it's their own fault if they get caught and subsequently get removed/suspended from the police force. If anything it enhances the roleplay of such a person; having to take every measure possible to ensure they are not caught. I can however understand your side of this.
  7. :)
  8. Server is dead

    I am confused as to what you mean by "Negative Feedback", are you referring to useless feedback or people stating the problems? If the latter, we've been through this before Fluffy, problems need to be stated.
  9. Server is dead

    Well. "DaJackal Isn't trying to be rude", Smith. Whether Jack understands this or not, the post did not make sense as It's difficult to tell where he stands on the matter based on that post. Rather than make a fuss, clarify the matter as refusing to post based on four words is not something you would expect, nor is deleting both of your posts on two different threads, rather than editing two words which would've made a difference. So, let us not make this thread into a pile of shit, admittedly it is partly my own fault. So, where do you stand on a potential stat-wipe Jack? I am confused as to whether you are saying they will be motivated or they will not be [as I've already asked for clarification], I assume the latter. It has already been said that stat-wipes would occur on major updates, which if they use another mission file, would be quite major. I am curious as to your stance, being one of the PMC members.
  10. Server is dead

    I am confused with what you said, are you saying they should or shouldn't stat wipe?
  11. Server is dead

    English please my dear.
  12. Server is dead

    I can only assume this means you are actually going to use a ready-made mod-pack. But for the love of god, do not do a stat wipe and put us through the same torture when It took many, many weeks to get the money we have and would only further the problem. People want to jump right back into things rather than spend weeks making money, for a second time only a month after the server launch.
  13. Server is dead

    Personally, I believe it is beyond the point of revival should they continue using their same methods. Small, irrelevant updates with inaccurate ETA's on their release just are not going to cut it regardless of how many developers you have. Even should they choose different methods, it would take a miracle as nobody is even bothering to ask/see when the next update is at this point. I mean, the only thing to look forward to are the new Police uniforms, another thing that was said to be released one week ago, with no news on them. But even then, It's not going to cut it. I am expecting responses from the staff/development team as they have done before; acknowledging that there is a problem, but achieving very little in trying to solve it, which is not necessarily their fault. Use an existing mod-pack, ensuring players keep their money or continue the way we are going. Even then, how do you market to a community that no longer cares to even check for potential updates. Cicada had more people than this and look at WHAT that was. Great dilemma.