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    1. New DOC

      However, it slows down their breach, allowing officers to respond.
    2. New DOC

      Looks good, bar the lack of the "airlock" system. The doors to the cells in the building on the left of the first image are out into the initial courtyard. My preference would be for them to be behind another layer of gates, like in the current DOC.
    3. Balance & Money making

      Why. What does this prevent you from doing in regards to roleplay?
    4. 3rd Person

      Yeh sorry this is what I meant. I thought about adding it but couldn't be asked to specify that I meant combat = first person
    5. Change the punishments for illegal things.

      Only SWAT command are wearing Lvl 3 armour all the time. 90% of officers are wearing Level 1 armour unless code red.
    6. Change the punishments for illegal things.

      Heres an idea. Buy a legal pistol and do crime with that instead. Then when you get caught your time is a lot less. Genius!

      Wasn't looking very carefully but I don't think I was in the video getting domed so I am happy.
    8. 3rd Person

      I love the idea and would be happy for it to be it to be implemented but I just think it would be too much for those that love third person.
    9. Economy

      +1 to Jack. I think a regular wipe should be implemented. Once a month maybe
    10. SWAT Guns

      Simple solution: remove any gun that is 7.62 or high, for both factions. May not be realistic but then this bullshittery about "7.62" is too powerful can stop. If neither side has it then no one can complain.
    11. Emita memes

      Another one joining the fray...
    12. LOA Request -Tristan Walsh

      Name: Tristan Walsh Rank: Corporal Badge Number: 221 Department: City Police Start Date: 25/8/2017 End Date: 1/9/2017 Signature: T. Walsh
    13. Immersion Cigs + Other Immersion Mods

      If you want immersion, first person and remove crosshairs Maybe not first person, but I know a lot of people are for removing cross hairs to make gunfights slightly more intense, and I am definitely in favour of that. Replacement of names above peoples heads with their player IDs. One of the things that annoys me most is subconsciously using information I shouldn't know. Removal of death messages. I know this would cause issues with RDM cases and not knowing who killed who, but I'll just leave it here for discussion. Sound file that plays over the police long range radio when a panic button is pressed, maybe several obnoxiously loud beeps, to act as a break in radio traffic. Removal of day/night vote, I know night is dark but I love patrolling in the dark and looking down back alleys for suspects. Especially with code 2 on. Cars have headlights for a reason Skin the HUD down to the bare minimums. There is no point in having the food and hunger ones, and ArmA displays if you need healing or not. Just my two cents on some things that could be done immersion wise. None of these actually add on to the mod pack, only the sound file which would be minute. These are all open to discussion, and some will be heavily disagreed upon, such as the day night vote, which I am fine with, having all these done would just be me ideal world
    14. When is it getting fixed?

      Idk what you just did but you have made me confused as to which argument you are backing up
    15. When is it getting fixed?

      So when is this happening? This was posted 13 days ago, regarding Officers and Senior Officers having to have rifles in their backpacks or in their vehicles. Don't get me wrong, I love that style, and I would prefer doing that myself. Why can't I do that? Because civs have ridiculous weaponry, still. I've been away 4 weeks, 3 of those weeks abroad, 1 of those weeks because I wasn't interested in getting RDMed by overpowered weaponry every. I decided to come back today, and sure enough within the first hour I get shot by two civilians carrying massive rifles. How on earth are Ofc/Snrs meant to cope with that? I love this community, don't get me wrong, and I want to play here, but I am sick of being salty because of the constant military grade weaponry that civilians get access to. I come here to play a roleplay game. Traffic stops, police chases and pistol fights. Not to play a war simulator. If I wanted to do that I'd join a milsim unit, not a roleplay community. I know the staff are getting sick of receiving constant complaints about this, but I am sick of it. I'm not calling for better roleplay. I don't mind having gun fights and police chases, I just want more realistic gun fights. With pistols. Rant over, feel free to have relatively civilised debates in the replies.