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  1. Im jram117

  2. Arma-roleplay New Map

    So I actually played on an Emita Arma 3 server back in the summer and fall while it was good it felt slightly outdated and not a whole lot of variation.
  3. KA Complimentary Police Gear

    Was going to make the exact same suggestion looks like a good pack.
  4. Arma-roleplay New Map

    Ive always like Erie. Seaside looks nice and compact which is always good. Both Tanoa and Taunus are just way too big.
  5. Balance Suggestion

    And Boston is in a blue state
  6. Balance Suggestion

    Would this stuff apply to SWAT as well.
  7. Darwin's Youtube

    Shadow Play
  8. Darwin's Youtube

    Going to start doing some Youtube videos again. Mainly as police but my first one is a special showcasing my first day as the newly appointed secretary of justice.
  9. Change use of Restrain

    As Daeron said if you have a warrant especially a violent one (murder robbery etc) police would not give you the choice of choosing how to be restrained.
  10. Who misses it

    For me the actual game of arma 3 looks better feels more polished and has loads more features.
  11. Revival Percentage/Realism

    Makes sense to me
  12. PD K-9

    In theory this would be fantastic but I know from experience in both Arma 2/3 it is an extremely tedious and buggy thing to add.
  13. Car video

    Not to brag or anything but I got a '06 toyota highlander with a V6 and 140k miles smooth ride and fast as lightning.
  14. Tunning Shop TBH

    Put this in suggestions looks great
  15. Car video

    Yea I like cars so long as they are not ricers.