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    1. New DOC

      Is there still the possibility of people glitching to die.
    2. Cleaning your computer awareness

      Being from the midwest I just put my trusty snow blower on top of the CPU.
    3. Complementary Special Weapons

    4. LOA Request - Darwin Cried

      Will need to extend this LOA until 8/25
    5. Abunch Of Memories On Lakeside

      Also the one of me shooting at the UOs in the tower
    6. LOA Request - Darwin Cried

      Name: Darwin Cried Rank: Lt Badge Number: 139 Department: City Police Start Date: 08/10/2017 End Date: 08/17/2017 (Tentative) Signature: D. Cried I will be starting college during this time and will not have access to a computer capable of arma for the first week or so. In addition I don't know my full schedule yet and how much time I can dedicate.
    7. Goodbye but not farewell.

      Haven't been able to connect since getting back from leave but Ill miss you and best of luck.
    8. Im jram117

    9. Arma-roleplay New Map

      So I actually played on an Emita Arma 3 server back in the summer and fall while it was good it felt slightly outdated and not a whole lot of variation.
    10. KA Complimentary Police Gear

      Was going to make the exact same suggestion looks like a good pack.
    11. Arma-roleplay New Map

      Ive always like Erie. Seaside looks nice and compact which is always good. Both Tanoa and Taunus are just way too big.
    12. Balance Suggestion

      And Boston is in a blue state
    13. Balance Suggestion

      Would this stuff apply to SWAT as well.
    14. Darwin's Youtube

      Shadow Play
    15. Darwin's Youtube

      Going to start doing some Youtube videos again. Mainly as police but my first one is a special showcasing my first day as the newly appointed secretary of justice.