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  1. Uranium Mining Science

    Sure but that's considering that the economy is not dynamic. You don't have to change the prices to buff just make it closer together.
  2. Uranium Mining Science

    HYPOTHESIS: "Uranium mining should bring me in the big bucks!" I honestly thought it would be worthless from the start INITIAL INVESTMENT: 106k Box Truck(120 Space), 30k "Hazmat Suit", 10k Other Equipment (Food, Pickaxe, Bandages, Etc.), 2-2:30hr's of time(Mining, Driving, Preparing). Overall 146k roughly spent on equipment SIDE NOTE: Uranium mining is extremely annoying considering buying a 30k "Hazmat Suit" doesn't even protect you for that long in the radiation zone. Also the radiation continues to effect you outside the circle only being fixed by getting into a vehicle. PROFIT($$$): Turns out uranium is worth nothing for the time and money you invest. Each piece sells for 7,250$ I ended up with 38 pieces in total coming up with 275,500$ total sold CONCLUSION: Overall this ended up taking 2-2:30hrs of time and only earning me 129,500k in profit subtracting the initial investment. To put this bluntly afk'ing for paychecks makes better time sense than this. While I haven't done any other form of resource mining(legal or illegal) I can most certainly say this is probably THE WORST WAY OF EARNING MONEY I THINK I'VE EVER SEEN. Overall ELLIS PL0X BUFF.