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    1. Complementary Special Weapons

    2. Complementary Special Weapons

      danm d00d
    3. Complementary Special Weapons

      Complementary Special Weapons (http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=930738103) "CSW MOD(Complementary Special Weapons)is a module that complements the void weapons in ARMA3, which contain weapons and their corresponding accessories, so that ARMA3's weapons are richer and more sophisticated. "(From the steam workshop page) This is a modification from the steam workshop that adds a good number of extremely detailed and well modeled weapons that are balanced in power level and unique. There are four main things I would like to say about the mod in general before we get into specifics #1: The modpack requires no licensing and is relatively small in space sitting at 250mb's which can be trimmed down if needed. #2: This mod fills many niches and would enrich the combat in the server by adding unique weapons that would slow down combat to make it more fair. #3 Both civilians and police have uses for the weapons contained within the mod. #4: The sheer detail of this mod is insane there are many different and unique ammo types for each weapon. The M4 has around 14 different ammo types. Next I would like to showcase some of the weapons included in this mod and discuss there purpose. ASSAULT RIFLES The LVOA-C & FN 5.56 The FN 5.56 is a basic 5.56 assault rifle that has two different ammo types and features a hard hitting round and a high RPM. There is FMJ and Subsonic ammunition. This rifle is the most vanilla weapon in the pack but serves as a unique assault rifle due to its good RPM in CQB, but also its controllable recoil and hard hitting round. This weapon would be a great fit for civilians as it has that sporting rifle feel to it. Next up the is the LVOA-C C-Clamp. This weapon functions much the same as an regular 5.56 M4 would, but it has a good RPM and is very accurate at long ranges. This rifle does suffer from higher than average recoil and the length of the weapons does not help in CQB. Another advantage of this weapon is its 14 different ammo types that serve practical purposes such as the blanks which would be useful for training's. This weapon would fit perfectly as both a high-end civ and high-end cop weapon as it is a really solid rifle. This rifle also comes in 2 different grip variants as well as 4 different colors. PISTOLS IMI Desert Eagle, S&W M500, & the FN Five-seveN Our current Desert Eagle within our modpack is poorly modeled with incredibly bad damage. This Desert Eagle is well modeled and does the correct damage it should be doing. One thing I love about this gun is the beastly sound it makes when you shoot it. This is a great addition for civilians as this thing just makes you feel like a badass. Next is the S&W M500 This is another great civilian additions because this thing is just badass. It is greatly modeled and sounds even more beastly then the Desert Eagle. (Plus should't the Longs get the long revolver xd) The FN is just a all around good weapon. The model itself is beautiful and would make a great weapon for police. There is a shield variant that i will talk about later in the post. SHOTGUNS Remington M870 Express & H&K/Olins CAWS The general consensus on the server about shotguns is that they are OP and i would agree with this statement. Importantly this shotgun is a PUMP-ACTION SHOTGUN not a semi-auto this severely hinders its fire rate and reload speed making it a flawed weapon. Another problem of shotguns is that pellets are busted, but the pellets seem to be calculated differently for this weapon as the individual pellets weren't even strong enough to knock the target down in the video. Another important downside to this gun is it cannot hit targets at long range. The Remington M870 Express is a basic shotgun that is importantly balanced compared to the other shotguns in the modpack. This gun has many uses due to its many different ammo types such as the beanbag round that has a stun effect that would be excellent in the event of a riot. This would fit perfectly as a civilian hunting weapon and and as a police CQB weapon. The important fact about this weapon is that it has a unique play style due to it being a pump shotgun this also makes it not OP as it requires users a very slow fire rate and reload. Next up is the H&K Olin. This is a automatic shotgun and a little bit too out of place in a Arma life server so we should'nt use it I won't go into detail about it. MISCELLANEOUS Ballistic Shield & CornerShot The CornerShot is a unique weapon that will change the way both civs and cops fight eachother. It is important to note that there are many ways to counter this weapon. One can rush the operator of this weapon due to the overly enhanced sight. One can also shoot the operator of this weapon in the arm due to how this weapon is not long enough to fully cover the operator. It is also important to note that this weapon is a Glock 18 on a special platform meaning this will take 10-12 shots to take down an armored civilian. (Please note that during the video i load blanks to not kill the AI) Finally the Shield We have had a lot of debate within the community about the fairness of shields finally i think i have found a shield that is not blatantly OP. With this shield the legs can be shot as well as the arm and the left side of the torso making it vulnerable to fire. This shield should replace the current shield that the PD uses as it is not OP due to the many weak points on and around the shield. The problem with the previous shield was that the shield not only provided frontal protection, but also provided side protection. This shield fixes that by having the torso and legs able to be shot while the shield is raised.
    4. 3rd Person

      Me getting shot of the hummer by 5.56 straight on.
    5. 3rd Person

      Not bulletproof been shot out of it multiple times. Even then there are only two cops that can use it.
    6. 3rd Person

      We don't, only me and one other person on the entire PD can use one to patrol an it costs 150k and can be destroyed in 2 mags of 5.56.
    7. How to soak bullets 101

      Nope regular cops can't get level three armor though until code red which has happened once since the three-four weeks of the server being up in which it lasted 30ish minutes.
    8. SWAT Guns

      Same goes for the AUG most the time I've shot 5+ shots into people and it barely scratched them. The SWAT literally stands for special weapons and tactics currently literally the whole abbreviation doesn't match a single truth about the SWAT department.
    9. SWAT Guns

      In a controlled environment the AUG takes three shots to kill someone with level 3 armor with the best ammunition available.
    10. Cadet #1 Exam 30/08/2017

      Processed by HR 28/8/17
    11. Shield

      Add the shield with the pistol but with no ammo so its not OP just to replace the shield that doesn't work.
    12. Concerns about emita

      I did also say that rifles should rarely be carried and they should by carried in trunks other than special departments such as SWAT. They should not be fully modded AR's either and should only be openly carried in a situation that needs or it is code red.
    13. Concerns about emita

      Well thats why i mentioned that through some means we need to disarm both the gangs and reguiar PD if we want to maintain a more realistic server which would allow for roleplay. Some ways to do this would be removing most rifles and attachments while leaving very few at extreme costs. In my view gangs should mostly be using pistols,Automatic Pistols, some SMG's, and very few rifles that are extremely expensive.
    14. Concerns about emita

      Regarding the possibility of a forced civ/cop ratio and the issue of overall balance, This server has been having an identity crisis since it switched to Arma 3. There are so many conflicting views not only with the possibilities being suggested, but also the systems that were already in place when the server had a decent player base. As posted about within this topic it seems the intention is to encourage role play not ruleplay and this seems to be agreed upon universally within the community, however it is difficult to understand why cops have to carry around fully modded AR-15's on normal traffic duty if this was an actual roleplay server. This wasn't without cause though as gangs somehow had/have access to dirt cheap assault rifles and military grade attachments(Just remember when a certain gang had access to a nightstalker). The biggest problem preventing this from being fixed was the division and formation of both the cop and gang "factions" and that neither were willing to broker a deal in-terms of balancing. This ultimately led to people only playing cop or only playing civ and sticking with their respective "faction". Overall before we even begin discussing whether we implement a forced ratio we need to recognize the problem at hand and i don't think that a forced ratio will fix the underlying flaw in the system. To fix this issue we need to have a reconsidering of what direction the server will go. We can either have Arma 2 style ruleplay where the gangs run with military equipment and every single cop camps drug area and every single traffic stop is a shootout; Or we can go down the route where mostly pistols are carried by police officers with some having rifles in trunks other than SWAT and other special divisions and where gangs mostly have access to pistols,Automatic Pistols, some SMG's, and very few rifles. Overall WE CANNOT HAVE BOTH PLAYSTYLES because both cannot coexist and only lead to hurt the community as a whole in the long run. Many of the things I mentioned may have already decided in terms of policy, however I felt the need to throw my two cents in before we get into any other arguments about this
    15. LOA Request - Drake Levants

      Name: Drake Levants Rank: Lieutenant Badge Number: 138 Department: SWAT Start Date: 5/8/17 End Date: 16/8/17 Signature: Drake Levants