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  1. Donation Ideas

    It is overriding the 4th rule......... u know the one where it says no content can be unavailable to those who don't donate. Because, you know every server would be breaking the 4th rule if they offered anything only to those who donate....
  2. Donation Ideas

    "Selling in game items that don't affect gameplay is allowed" is simply stating that you can sell content (i.e. cloths and backpacks) to those who pay without offering it to everyone. It does not imply the negative (selling in game items that do affect gameplay is not allowed). The rule that I stated is much more limiting on the ability of donations on the server.
  3. Donation Ideas

    Accepting donations is allowed, but to avoid any doubts: not providing donations must not prevent anyone from accessing the content. This rule states that as long as the content is accessible to those who do not donate then it is fine. Meaning an advantage is still allowed.
  4. Donation Ideas

    their monetization rules say nothing about ingame advantages. Only against content that is only available to those who donate.
  5. Donation Ideas

    I Highly Suggest you read the monetization policy before misquoting it.
  6. Donation Ideas

    Tier 1: Access to 1 clothing shop of choice. 25x AR points +5x per month. 5% decrease in item/weapon/car cost Gain 2 skill tree points. 1 month TS channel Tier 2: Access to 2 clothing shops of choice. 100x AR points +25 per month. 10% decrease in item/weapon/car cost Gain 4 skill tree points. 2 month TS channel Tier 3: Access to 3 clothing shops of choice. 100x AR points +25x per month. 15% decrease in item/weapon/car cost Gain 6 skill tree points. 3 month TS channel Tier 4: Access to 4 clothing shops of choice. 200x AR points +40 per month. 20% decrease in item/weapon/car cost Gain 8 skill tree points. 4 month TS channel Prioritized Bushiness/Gang App Tier 5: Access to all clothing shops. 400x AR points +70 per month. 25% decrease in item/weapon/car cost Gain 10 skill tree points. Perm TS Channel Prioritized Bushiness/Gang App AR points can be used in the following manners: (you can earn points by simply playing on the server as to not interfere with monetization policy) 500x AR points (make an in-game event either from a selection, or ,with approval, a custom event) Used in a shop to customize car (would mean removal of the customize car shop and its standard use with normal cash) Used at pimp my gun shop. (not a complete list)
  7. Arma-roleplay New Map

    If it proves that Kelly's Island is unable to support the servers population at some point then switching back would be fine, but the problem is the amount of people needed for lakeside to be a fun map, and there just isn't that population at the time.
  8. Arma-roleplay New Map

    I have been working on a layout (no scripts or objects just markers atm) Please tell me if you notice anything missing (clothing/gang bases/official businesses have yet to be assigned a spot) Would show pictures here, but didnt want to make this post 3 miles longer
  9. Arma-roleplay New Map

    My case for SeaSide (aka Kelly's Island) The only thought I have is that lakeside is a huge map (noting that there are only a few popular areas) and that we are a medium sized community with fluctuating population. I feel that with a map like sea side or something of the sort it would increase population by allowing the concentration of activity on the map to be greater. I understand why this would be difficult to implement (dev wise) I believe it would dramatically stabilize the population on the server b/c more people would be able to have more entertainment due to the concentration of activity on the map. I am open to discussion on this topic, but I personally believe a smaller map would help the community grow.
  10. Ellis' poem

    5/7 solid memes
  11. Balance Suggestion

    S.W.A.T and the equivalent (i.e CRT SERT) should have access to higher caliber weaponry along with higher level armor. Patrol should only have access to 5.56 and level 2 armor(level 3 armor in code red). Gangs have access to only 5.56 and level 2 armor along with higher caliber BOLT-action rifles. I think this would provide a good balance.
  12. Tbot

  13. Post Your Dankest and Spiciest Memes

  14. Post Your Dankest and Spiciest Memes

    Dank memes and creamy dreams post them here!
  15. Let's get creative shall we

    10/10 would bang