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    1. Where are the players at m8?

      Everyone go's back to school, college and uni in the UK this week so its more time based now
    2. Balance & Money making

      Remove death bridge, too OP, much salt, sells 4 2 much, wow
    3. Complementary Special Weapons

      Seeming as my reply got me a warning... Here's an editted version. Waiting for the salt miners to call this OP Is that better forum admin?
    4. l

    5. 3rd Person

      -1 Constant first person on such a big game causes someone people to feel sick or claustrophobic
    6. Tolo Chang Is Back

      You left like 3 weeks ago? I didn't even know you in the first instance so nice to meet you i guess
    7. How to soak bullets 101

      I swear this fucking guy uploads a video everyday of him picking fights that are out of his league.... If there 3 SIS agents pointing at the door why would you peak?????
    8. SWAT Guns

      Can we stop being salty? Salt in the air makes weapons corrode faster...
    9. SWAT Guns

      What a massive shit storm this is... Have no fear hoxton is here to sort this Trainwreck out. My opinion is that there's a severe lack of .50 Cal and .338 magnum...
    10. The Jail System Idea

      Better than picking up trash... And it's not corruption if no one finds out
    11. The Jail System Idea

      What I'm saying is if you do the warden a favour then he might do you a favour
    12. The Jail System Idea

      Beat that prisoner the warden hates to death and he might "accidently" leave the door to the outside unlocked... Or just win the DOC gladiator battles.
    13. Furniture

      Would love to assemble my new LËOFÅGG coffee table that comes flat pack from IKEA that's missing 2 screws and has just an Alan key to put it together with one hand so I can shots through my front door at the cops with my other hand. Once assembled it can be used a piece of cover and maybe even a coffee table! Good idea, the vanilla furniture is good and with CUP it adds loads more anyway from previous arma games
    14. Silly western capitalist pig, if the American scum at avast have installed thier anti virus on your PC you need to opt out of game mode as it sets a do not disturb on some applications. Mine classed teamspeak as a nuisance and caused it to crash my superior North Korean internet every few minutes. Disable avast game mode and your silly western pig comments will prevail against the DPRK. long live the great leader! -H