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    1. Cleaning your computer awareness

      I learned the hard way
    2. 3rd Person

      Whenever a shot is fired, a script should be implemented so that the radius of the shot (say 50 meters) are forced into first person. Just my opinion though.
    3. New Project

      Definitely will start on other factions once I finish up these ones!
    4. New Project

      Finished the build, next up is the animation process and config
    5. New Project

      Will definitely give it a try once I finish all the necessities for the camaro and vic
    6. New Project

      Finished the vic just need to add some textures to it. Here's some that I'm working on next, just using a bit of a template for this one but it does the job. Gonna have to change a few things such as the spoiler, police computer, and work on the textures a bit more.
    7. New Project

      Sure thing Brandon, gonna head out with the misses in a big, but after I will try and contact you. Lol, surely you should just be able to edit the config of the current one to match a more realistic feeling.
    8. New Project

      Yeah, it's really enjoyable once you get the hang of the simple commands and scripts.
    9. New Project

      Another update: Added textures inside of the vehicle Finished Police Computer's design Finished the car's wheels (might change the textures on it, haven't decided yet) Still need to finish the spotlight and add the bar-cage to the back, then after that will start working on a custom skin for the vehicle.
    10. New Project

      Yup Yeah, I plan on adding in a few changes to make it more unique, such as rotation of the spotlight and police computer, etc.
    11. New Project

      Decided to continue this project. Still need to: Add textures Finish interior Add bar-cage Finish tire alignment Finish config Add a variety of different light bars to choose from
    12. Memory Lane

    13. Medkits Rule change

      Instead of saying somethings terrible, give them constructive criticism on how they can fix it, or simply comment why you think it's something that the server doesn't need at the moment. How would you like it if every suggestion you made someone put "terrible". Just something for you to think about....
    14. Arma-roleplay New Map

      Any post ranting about each other will be deleted from here on out. Cut the shit.

      Corruption is a nice thing.