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Jay Holmes

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  1. Arma-roleplay New Map

    I hope we goto kellys island
  2. ESU: Escorting

    +1 I support this idea
  3. Jay Holmes

  4. Illegal Money Making

    Fix up the prices at the Shady car dealer (10k for an Austin Martin)
  5. I'm Marco

    Welcome dude, Feel free to ask any questions.
  6. Fluxx's Basic Roleplay Terminology Guide

    This will be useful to link to new players and even those who have been playing for a while.
  7. Thoughts Please

    I have been working on an Assasin System for the server and i would love your opinion. Reminder: The prices and location are a WIP. Video : Here
  8. Any big shooters out there?

    Ok Cheers, Looking to get it for my gang if we get accepted as official
  9. Any big shooters out there?

    Could anyone identify what weapon this guy is using at 49 seconds? Cheers