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    1. LOA

      Name: Jay Holmes Rank: Officer Badge Number: 227 Department: DOC Start Date: 15/09/2017 End Date: 10/10/2017 Signature: Jay Holmes
    2. SWAT Guns

    3. ECR New Logo!

      WTF THATS MAD!!!!! Please send me a PNG? thanks
    4. ECR New Logo!

      We have two different logo's and would like people's opinions. Logo #1 Has a NO background. Logo #2 Has a nice Black Background
    5. Make a group that the owner can give tags for their respective company's. Just a suggestion
    6. Airsoft

      I do air gun comps if they count??? Moving onto real shooting comps soon.
    7. Cyborgs logo design process

    8. Cyborgs logo design process

      Thanks. I cannot wait to get to the AI part. make it look good
    9. Cyborgs logo design process

      What it looks life after i went over it with sharpie
    10. Cyborgs logo design process

      Sat here working on a logo for "Cyborgs" 3rd attempt. Still needs refining
    11. Emita memes

      Oh my god i am dying at this one
    12. I am back.

      Welcome Back
    13. Immersion Cigs + Other Immersion Mods

      Ehh Im staying out of this but all im saying is adding unnecessary content to an already mammoth modpack.
    14. Emita memes

      Im not going to cause beef. Distracks cost too much ££££
    15. Emita memes

      Nahhhh fammm