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    1. Where are the players at m8?

    2. Where are the players at m8?

      I think we are all hoping for major changes, only time will tell i suppose
    3. New DOC

    4. Balance & Money making

    5. Complementary Special Weapons

    6. Complementary Special Weapons

      +1000000 for the shield
    7. SWAT be like....

      Well firstly the cops are usually initiated on in the first place, secondly d-sync only affects one party, if a cop genuniely pits a civ it might look fine on his screen but it might be destroying for the civ on the other end because of various internet connections and the constant data been sent to each others computers and server.
    8. Change the punishments for illegal things.

      Well if we have lesser jail times civs will just do more crime and more often hence turning the server into a wasteland server
    9. 3rd Person

      Let's be honest if SWAT rolls up on your ass you probably deserve it
    10. SWAT be like....

      Well you do deserve it
    11. Rule Suggestion

      Ok so you prefer to be shot, noted
    12. Economy

      Well ill just leave this rule here, even though its at the top of the page, in bold red, and highlighted, maybe you didnt see it? 1.0.1 - A high level of roleplay is expected on this server. Failing to provide a sufficient level of roleplay will lead to your removal (the server is role-play, not rule-play).
    13. Economy

      Well believe it or not alot of people are getting fed up with this type of wasteland shite, its not what the server promotes
    14. Economy

      The fact that every civ now is geared to the teeth is just unrealistic, back when the server lunched, the first week or so was glorious, cops had guns in their cars, only had CVS or EVOS civs only had pistols so we had much better gun fights. With the civs constantly wearing lvl 3 armour and carrying rifles (cause yano thats realistic) its forcing the cops to adapt hence swat becoming a bigger presence and normal cops having rifles out. Economy needs to be a lot harder, give more things to do for civs that doesn't involve killing every cops cause yano "RP"