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    1. Roleplay is dead.

      "what kind of even roleplay is this dude" whilst in an RP situation - Complains about RP whilst going OOC in an RP situation, nice. No need for a post like this, if you got a problem go to staff. Also, there were no rules broken, they didn't take you hostage, they robbed you, don't see any problem at all.
    2. Where are the players at m8?

      Everything is possible, but I don't think we should point fingers. The community that you're talking about doesn't have a server yet either, so I don't know why they'd attack us.
    3. Where are the players at m8?

      We are in the process of reconstructing the server and community in order to please our player's needs. Big changes are currently being made in order to satisfy everyone. We would like to thank the people that have posted/messaged us with proper feedback and suggestions.
    4. Balance & Money making

      I think that's what George said? lol
    5. Balance & Money making

      I do like the pirate bay location, and prices of helicopters should be increased, yes.
    6. Community Setup Wars / Tech help.

      Such an Aussie setup
    7. SWAT Guns

      Your argument about me playing with the longs doesn't make sense, joined the longs less than a week ago and I have around 300 hours of police gameplay. The sniper is not the same no, it's a completely different mod. As for us not fixing cars, we don't have that many devs that do work on cars (mission file is not the same as 3D modeling), therefor it's easier for us to add bases than fixing cars. Would also like to add that the AWP that civs have is, like I've said, worse than the swat sniper and costs a hefty ~440k (and to add in that, civs do not have the same long range scopes with NV like SERT does (UO has had it temporarily due to it being left in by accident, will be removed))
    8. SWAT Guns

      ^ I don't see how the PD's getting ruined at all when ALL officers but cadets can wear rifles, not lose any gear except the rifle when dying since you get revived, not get arrested, not waste 250-300k on a full gear (like 400k total if you want HK417). The snipers ( CS:GO AWP's) that civs have access to are not that good, they take 2-3 shots to kill someone with lvl 3 vest. SWAT has access to vehicles that more or less can't be stopped with civilian weaponry, which means that you can literally roll up the the civ, let him spray, wait for him to reload and then get a free kill. I play SWAT & Civ, and I NEVER feel like the cops are underpowered or at ANY disadvantage.
    9. SWAT Guns

      You can't compare the damage that weapons do when testing them out in Virtual Arsenal / Eden Editor as the server likes to do its own thing sometimes and completely change the damage of a weapon
    10. Rule Changes

      Added: 2.1.7 - Any crimes committed during Safehouse are not to be registered by the police, and do not count. 2.1.7 - Upon the Safehouse mission ending, police must leave the area and not loiter.
    11. SWAT Guns

      The AUG that SWAT has access to is a modded gun with an insane damage output, if you don't believe me, look at me 1 shotting carrier lites: (2nd clip - he was full health)
    12. Rule Changes

      Added: 2.0.16 - When initiating/calling off negotiations, you must give the other party time to respond & react to it, meaning that you can't shoot right away when calling negotiations off or when initiating and giving orders.
    13. Suppressors and the Black-Market

      Might be possible to put in a few silencers, but ain't givin ya 7.62 supp
    14. Re-texturing Carrier Lite.

      would include this and have a black/red theme
    15. Emita memes

      Turns out people can't post stuff on our forums without acting like children and likes to disrespect other players. Thread locked.