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    1. Jail Is Too Long

      The jail timer is being worked on
    2. Time betweeen the missions will increase, the 30min capture timer will however stay.
    3. Welcome to my mine (A Must Read)

      Aight bro, what were you doing on roblox forums?
    4. Police Force Idea

      We are going to add more and more things to do at sea, so a Coast Guard wouldn't be too bad to have, but we'll see what the PD Command wants.
    5. Memory Lane

    6. Memory Lane

      @King Cr1TiKaL I miss that Latvian shit head in the 2nd pic :(((((
    7. Community Setup Wars / Tech help.

      ^ mine looks like that too, and I built it myself, only takes an hour or two to fix wires
    8. ^ New map is something that we're really looking at, and we're really looking forward to seeing what map the community chooses. Dev update info is also something that we have planned to make public.
    9. Better lighting mod

      Looks like all the lights are reflective, which would destroy a lot of players FPS
    10. KA Complimentary Police Gear

      The five-seven is sick
    11. PC Problems!

      I was too lazy to read the whole spec list lol
    12. PC Problems!

      Things that often causes a PC to crash is a faulty CPU, RAM or a faulty drive. I would recommend getting a new drive if you haven't for a long time, preferably an SSD.
    13. Rule Changes

      Added: 1.0.21 - Excessively farming EXP for the Talent Tree is not allowed. Example: Repeatedly Impounding Vehicles, Buying vehicles over and over just for EXP

      I always wave my arms around people and tell them that I’m holding a magnet and magnetizing everything that they have, meaning that I destroy any electronics Edit: I’m not confessing that I’m corrupt, I do it when interrogating as SIS etc
    15. PvP Timer - New Players

      I honestly think that experienced players should also go for other experienced players, if you see a new player running without gear and looking lost, don’t roll up and rob him.