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    1. Memory Lane

      since we're going on about arma 2 heres something that could've got me a vdm ban, but the driver didnt know it was me behind him
    2. I've uploaded the Audio file of Todays server meeting Why the server is getting delayed.wav
    3. A More Realistic Approach to Gang Bases

      this looks ass
    4. Add Direct Typechat and more for RP

      +1 my arabian prince
    5. Returning to Arma Roleplay

      u made me spill my water LOLOLOL
    6. I fell in love with the trailer, it gave me shivers. Fact is i didn't even play Arma Roleplay as much because the map didn't feel fun enough, but since Emita is going to be on Arma 3 i might aswell pull my pants down and start jerking off to the new map. Was annoying back in Arma 2, Early stages of Arma Roleplay, still gonna keep up what i was doing and run around the map pissing you all off. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    7. good old arma 2 days

      omg all these videos have made my fucking day, my fav one is when the bike pushes roger off LOL
    8. good old arma 2 days

      memories the dude after this tried getting me into support, but i didnt own up that i got him killed le
    9. Community

      i woke up at 2am so im kinda tired so this might be a bit fucked up k
    10. Community

      I want this to be classed more of a Suggestion, As well as a discussion type of topic. Community. Back in the day, when ILL / ILG Still existed, we were cool that we switched to ILL didn't cause too much confusion maybe some complaints, but that's not enough to do anything about it. As Island Liberation Life became a thing i started playing more often, mainly because i loved talking shit to thornber as he had one of the best comebacks ever. The Player base was mainly 60-70. But what is it now? Less than 10? The main developer of Arma-Roleplay has retired, leaving this community more hopeless. And the person that has done a shit ton for this server is Ellis, i haven't seen anyone else do more work than Ellis does. This server is going down the way RISE Gaming did ( I'm not advertising no one plays that either anymore ) although rise did not move to another game, they're planning on doing that though, this server had alot of rise members on this, that caused us to grow even bigger. But nope lets move to arma 3 in 3 days and tell all the players that don't own arma 2 to fuck off. It is a fucking pain, as there are no other arma 2 life servers and i've had to play shitty gmod darkrp where i'm very short tempered. Island Life Liberation, was the first ever server i went on an adventure and attempt accomplishing something. I join a gang, Camorra Mafia, everyone gets a long its led by Micheal / Kodiack, we were all super close to each other, And i was also still getting to know everyone on the community, as i continue on making friends on the server, i personally enjoyed myself. I loved sitting there with Benji Escobar doing cocaine, having convoys etc. Now heres Arma 3, Even though you guys tried enrolling the roleplay to a new point of view, this is basically Arma-Roleplay in a nutshell now. *Cops drive Sheriff Cars "Inside" of the cities (Sheriff's patrol on the outskirts) People camp places like sand mine, Sitting in bushes and maybe sometimes even "miss click" and kill you, maybe you even get into arguments over something that wouldn't have even existed on Arma 2. Maybe the graphics are shit, not everyone has great PC's, i have a 750 ti, i lag alot on Arma 3 that's the main reason i barely play it. I maybe did apply for Arma-Roleplay Member / Lawyer, but i did not think that it'd stay on Arma 3. I spent over 400 hours on Island Life Liberation. That's alot, One of the only wishes i have is that'd it be brought back.
    11. Server is dead

      i want liberation life back