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    1. New DOC

      Why not just have 1 gate per road?
    2. New DOC

      I like building complex however, there are too many gates for DOC staff to manage.
    3. Change the punishments for illegal things.

      There is no excuse for glitching out... and in regards to the punishments being too long, they're meant to disencourage illegal activity as they do in real life.
    4. SWAT Guns

      It doesn't usually one shot them. They must've been hit before.
    5. SWAT Guns

      They don't. That's why the post was made...
    6. Firearm Training 30/08/2017

      Noted by HR 31/08/17
    7. promotion

      Noted by HR 30/08/17
    8. Cadet #1 Exam 27/08/2017

      Noted by HR 28/08/17
    9. Very, very weird.....
    10. promotion

      Noted by HR 24/08/17
    11. LOA James Ryan

      Noted by HR 24/08/17
    12. Coldy Sanchez - Promotion report

      Processed by HR 22/08/17
    13. Richard Winters - Promotion Report

      Processed by HR 22/08/17
    14. Emita memes

      This meme sums up the FPS rate in the city
    15. promotion

      Noted by HR 19/08/17