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    1. So if there's 1 cop, then you and your buddy can't hop on and play?
    2. G00D M3M3

      tf iz lakesied?
    3. New DOC

      Not any more than a walking gate does.
    4. New DOC

      Vehicle gates only makes it easier to breach, more people can go through at once. Remember that this is not a max security prison. It is actually quite the opposite.
    5. New DOC

      Hope this gives everyone a better overview.
    6. New DOC

      It does.
    7. New DOC

      Then they're not aviation trained I'll see what I can do to make space
    8. New DOC

      Would look stupid. No gates fit.
    9. New DOC

      One on each 2 gates Yes, the toilets are still there, but the walls are more distanced so now people can't go through them. I was working on this, but the fact is that i've been focusing a lot more on walking inside DOC instead of bringing vehicles inside. There is a parking lot. The current airlock system only serves as wasted time, it doesn't prevent someone from breaking in anymore than this does.
    10. New DOC

      Aiming for a more open design on internals, more yard space and better navigation. Evidence locker has been moved to the back for better cover and protection. Now uses better fences in some places. Helipad in a better place instead of the roof. More lighting. Better and more distanced walls to prevent glitching. - Feel free to give feedback.
    11. PUBG Chicken Dinners

    12. PUBG Chicken Dinners

      u got prank'd lol
    13. Where are the players at m8?

      Well said 10/10
    14. PUBG Chicken Dinners

      That one was pretty dank dude - 11/10
    15. PUBG Chicken Dinners

      It's not tho