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  1. Cinematic Shots of Emita (Arma 3)

    wtf put me on the spot a bit more, eh? never said that i would make them lmao
  2. Rule Suggestions

    There is a built in limit of 6 ._.
  3. Rule Suggestions

    2.0.10 - You are not allowed to initiate on moving vehicles going over roughly 40kmph. Honestly, you go slowly when you're in town. It's kinda annoying you can be stopped at a red light and someone will jump out behind you and f**k you in the a** lmao Should be decreased to roughly 20. ----------------------- 2.0.11 - Sirens do not count as initiation. However, if the police begin to perform maneuvers to stop a vehicle/show clear intention they're chasing you, this is classed as initiation. This is being used for rule-play. Nothing else. It creates zero roleplay and doesn't make any sense. Remove the last part, it's stupid and doesn't make roleplay. ----------------------- 5.0.3 - Once you've been revived by a medic, you may not return to combat unless under direct threat. (I.e, someone initiating on you) Medical custody exists for a reason. The person should be in a little personal green zone when they're in med custody. Remove. ----------------------- 6.0.10 - You may not take a cop hostage with 5 or less cops online. Pointless rule since it's a major crime and it requires 5 cops anyways, just there to fill up space... Remove.
  4. Donation Ideas

    1, 2, 4 & 5 is against BI Monetization rules, they give you an advantage in-game and will make BI disable battleye or even blacklist the server. Was on the shop a bit ago.. And yes BI bitched about it. Makes some people get the gang benefits in-game faster than others.. Which is an advantage both out of game and in-game. Bit expensive there m8 init? Advantage if you donate. This thread is called donation ideas after all. As above.
  5. New Maps, New Rules, New Developers

    Duly Noted.
  6. New Maps, New Rules, New Developers

    Some people just don't get the thing with not mentioning staff and things out of game, especially in-game. And yes, even I've been guilty of doing that in the past. But the issue is also that nowhere does it state that you can't say shit like that in-game. Honestly, rules have to be made so that a 8 year old understands them. Whitelisted, completely agreed. I would say that any whitelisted community, probably ever, has better roleplay than any non-whitelisted community. Many people only search for whitelisted communities because of the sheer better roleplay. It is simply just better in whitelisted servers, because people have to spend time on joining which makes them want to stay, and follow rules and engage more into the community in general. Chat should be disabled overall, there is no reason to have it at all. Adverts could be done so much better, such as bringing up your phone/tablet and then going to a menu called adverts. You type in your message and it shows up in orange (in normal chat) for the whole server for a fee of $20,000-$50,000 or more - There would be a max character limit and price could eventually change based on word or character count. I don't know if that would be possible but it would be pretty cool to have...
  7. New Maps, New Rules, New Developers

    Finally someone gets it Let me just add that Emita is EVEN smaller than Kelley's and might even be too small for arma 3 and all the activities in it. EDIT: They're the same size...
  8. Arma-roleplay New Map

    A map change would be known wayy before official release. Of course LVPD and LVES would be notified, and have plenty of time to convert.
  9. Community Setup Wars / Tech help.

    That cable management actually makes me sad
  10. until
    In-Game Event 16th of June, 2017 @ 8PM UK Time Lakeside Racetrack Monster Trucks Generic Race 1st Place Prize = Tier 1 We're very excited for this event and we hope you are too.
  11. Community Setup Wars / Tech help.

    Red Themed AMD Build... Kinda outdated, but it's special EVGA BQ 750W AMD-FX 8350 Black Edition - 4.2ghz Sapphire ATI AMD R9 380 Fractal Design Define C CPU Cooler: Enermax Liqmax Something 240GB SSD From Crucial - 2TB HDD From Seagate 16GB of some cheap Kingston RAM without heatsinks lmao Sidepanel needs cleaning
  12. Change panic button key

    Infistar hotkeys can't be edited (Ellis' words)
  13. Change panic button key

    Yes, that too.
  14. When i'm getting shot at, I don't have time to reach for the Delete key on the other side of the keyboard, nor do I have time to lift my hand from my mouse to reach for the key. Therefore I propose that the panic button key gets changed to the tilde key on your keyboard. It's easy to reach in an emergency, and it's not something that you accidentaly press all the time.
  15. New Rule Suggestion

    User: stop pls Reason: no man Signed: human