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  1. So if there's 1 cop, then you and your buddy can't hop on and play?
  2. G00D M3M3

    tf iz lakesied?
  3. New DOC

    Aiming for a more open design on internals, more yard space and better navigation. Evidence locker has been moved to the back for better cover and protection. Now uses better fences in some places. Helipad in a better place instead of the roof. More lighting. Better and more distanced walls to prevent glitching. - Feel free to give feedback.
  4. New DOC

    Not any more than a walking gate does.
  5. New DOC

    Vehicle gates only makes it easier to breach, more people can go through at once. Remember that this is not a max security prison. It is actually quite the opposite.
  6. New DOC

    Hope this gives everyone a better overview.
  7. New DOC

    It does.
  8. PUBG Chicken Dinners

    Post your dankest chicken dinners from pubg here. *plz don't comment on my excitement
  9. New DOC

    Then they're not aviation trained I'll see what I can do to make space
  10. New DOC

    Would look stupid. No gates fit.
  11. New DOC

    One on each 2 gates Yes, the toilets are still there, but the walls are more distanced so now people can't go through them. I was working on this, but the fact is that i've been focusing a lot more on walking inside DOC instead of bringing vehicles inside. There is a parking lot. The current airlock system only serves as wasted time, it doesn't prevent someone from breaking in anymore than this does.
  12. PUBG Chicken Dinners

  13. PUBG Chicken Dinners

    u got prank'd lol
  14. Where are the players at m8?

    Well said 10/10
  15. PUBG Chicken Dinners

    That one was pretty dank dude - 11/10
  16. PUBG Chicken Dinners

    It's not tho
  17. Move Pirate Bay here, to make people actually put effort into doing crime. Make Pirate Bay the only place people go for illegal weapons and such (Remove Rebel Market & Blacksmith & move both there). This will make it easier for cops to manage the flow of weapons. 3 places where people can get Class 2's is way too much. Please fix. Remove Rebel Market and move everything that was there to Pirate bay. Move the Blacksmith to Pirate Bay too. Raise prices of civ helicopters. (105k little bird for fuck sake..) Focus more on boats, add things to do on water whilst you're at it. Lower Diamond sell prices. ~276k with deodorant is way too much for a single diamond run that takes a max of 20 minutes if you're slow. Make one diamond sell for 2.5k instead of the current 4.5k. (might be wrong) At the moment the only legal way of making money that actually profits is diamond. I realise that Diamond has already been nerfed, but evidently not enough.
  18. Balance & Money making

    10/10 couldn't have been said in 1 comment
  19. Balance & Money making

    Uranium is illegal
  20. Balance & Money making

  21. Balance & Money making

  22. Balance & Money making

    Well then, you're not here for ArmaRoleplay. You're here for ArmaWasteland...
  23. Balance & Money making

    Having fun is not shooting and robbing everyone in your sights.
  24. Community Setup Wars / Tech help.

  25. Community Setup Wars / Tech help.

    You fucking what... Mate how has your pc not exploded yet