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    1. PC Problems!

      The problem is the EcoBoostNeonPrider, You need to recalibrate the Essofilter and then rewire the 128Pixel horsepower monitor to the TitanX neon 2k28 edition. After that under unplug the electonric stabiliser and delink, from there you need to 180 flip round. Overall the X1375 desktop edition windows should launch a Edson Programm to then refine the problems innercore processor graphic stabiliser. Any questions give me a shout . -Callum
    2. Roles

      I agree, like it is game and it's not like this community is a whitelisted one that is super serious RP but actually is Semi serious and is there for people to RP and have fun.
    3. Bryan Tear - Boiiiiii

      Wagwan, My name is Callum
    4. Any big shooters out there?

      Looks like a m16
    5. Waggwan

      I do apologize, I'm still learning the ways of the "Wargwon,WagwanWaggwan" life
    6. New Website Tags

      Their nice looking tags.
    7. Waggwan

      Hay, It your man Callum back again with a post. Thought I would say hay and just want to wish Arma-Roleplay the best of luck as we need to gain players which will happen over time. A young individual once enlightened me to a saying which will forever be great and will alaways make you happy - "Waggwan piffting whts ur BBM pin" Kind Regards C
    8. New Mods Have Been Released!

      RIP Arma-Roleplay 2k17 - "Waggwan piffting wats ur BBM pin"
    9. New Mods Have Been Released!

      Ye, see Hoxton has the exact same thing, because it was working I downloaded half of it then it just stoped.
    10. New Mods Have Been Released!

      It was working, then the download stop and now this just happens.
    11. New Mods Have Been Released!

      Ye even with that it still does not work, look
    12. New Mods Have Been Released!
    13. New Mods Have Been Released!

      Also sais, server closed connection.
    14. New Mods Have Been Released!

      Hay, is the mod pack working as I went to install but comes up with - "Failed to connect to respiratory on URL" Tried both URL's