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    1. Complementary Special Weapons

      The LVOA-C looks amazing.
    2. Change the punishments for illegal things.

      Don't buy and gun and magazines if you don't wanna risk going to jail or just don't get caught.
    3. l

      We start with 60k but you get 2.5k as a paycheck every 10 minutes.
    4. 3rd Person

      What are you talking about? Yes they out number you but no way do they have better gear than you. If you bother spending 230k on a loadout you willl have lvl 3 armor (high ranking officer/code red) and you have the same weaponry. 5.56 6.5. 6.8 and civs even have 7.62.
    5. Rule Suggestion

      I would love to see old way added, so you can't run up and restrain people.
    6. Economy

      Personally i like working for 2 hours and having enough money to buy enough equipment for 1-2 weeks then make money. 1 "loadout" is around 230k. Depending on what you are planning to do.
    7. How to soak bullets 101

      If there is so much crimes that cops are getting killed why not declare code RED to counteract the high amount of violent crimes?
    8. How to soak bullets 101

      But body armor is equal. both sides have access to lvl 1-3 body armor.
    9. How to soak bullets 101

      Vanilla weapons would heavily limit the amount of weapons that would be available to players.
    10. How to soak bullets 101

      I would love to see the removal of body armor, because it would make every gun OP.
    11. Dont delete this one ty xoxo

      Here's a tip: When shooting someone make sure you kill them before they kill you.
    12. SWAT Guns

      The damage of the hk417 CQB is heavily dependent on range sometimes it 2 shots level 3 armor and sometimes at 500m it takes 5 shots.
    13. SWAT Guns

      When it comes to cops raiding and major crimes, they can just keep requesting backup until the situation is over unlike civs which cannot return to the scene to provide backup. "He sneezed that's a backup request"
    14. SWAT Guns

      I would agree to SWAT having better weaponry if they raise the price to 2x - 3x the current price. To match the price of civilian weaponry since in most situations you will be revived by EMS of other cops.
    15. SWAT Guns

      Cops should easily out number any gang at any given time. So use your numbers to gain advantage.