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    1. Wizz

    2. New DOC

    3. Emita memes

    4. "cops are not op"

      Reported for hacking! Exposed for Godmode! NOOB!
    5. Emita memes

      Some of these, I feel as if I've been targeted!! Disstrack will sort YOU ALL out!
    6. New Project

      #MakeAESUAmbulance Looking Stunning!
    7. I am back.

      Welcome Back!
    8. Sharable Perm Car Keys

      Can see were you are coming from, don't really like it since if you get robbed, well your screwed for, especially if you are new.
    9. Alexander lost is back

      Welcome back Lost!
    10. im back

      Welcome Back!
    11. New Project

      Couldn't find any thing interesting stfu Amazing, great job!
    12. When is it getting fixed?

      It's pretty annoying seeing ALL the cops having their Rifles out constantly, can never surprise them because they'll spray you.
    13. New Project

      Good Job CriT! Coming along!
    14. Teamspeak Issue

      I Believe the Teamspeak Server doesn't have the AR icon set as the icon....
    15. Twitch Approved My Emote