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  1. New Maps, New Rules, New Developers

    Lakside i feel is wayy to big currently, Who said we HAD to bring back ALL the old stuff? We could still have Emita and have the exact same rules as atm?
  2. New Maps, New Rules, New Developers

    I Agree totally with the old rules, some will have to stay the same and be implemented back into Emita if we switch to it again. I'm pretty sure almost most of us miss the old Emita map as that is were we originally started our journey. No idea how the police force would work but i have a few suggestions.
  3. New Maps, New Rules, New Developers

    To be honest, i would love arma 2 to be ported to arma 3, i.e the same stuff we had in arma 2, gang hideouts, hunting range, pistol shop, tuning store, just port it arma 3 and it would be a charm
  4. Ellis' poem

  5. KA Complimentary Police Gear

    Re-Texturing Would need to be done in order to make it LVPD. Good Suggestion though, really like that actually.
  6. Arma-roleplay New Map

    Was just thinking that. I Wouldn't suggest changing maps. I'd strongly advise going to a new version/modern version of lakeside if anything.

  8. Wizz's poem

    Not You <3
  9. Wizz's poem

  10. Im jram117

    Welcome Back!
  11. How do u set up shadowplay

    @Luck "You’ll discover the much-loved ShadowPlay has been upgraded to the even-better Share Overlay UI. Simply hit the “Alt+Z” hotkey or the Share icon to access the powerful capture and record features you know and love." - Geforce Team
  12. Graphics design needed

    Yeah. Just add me on steam and message me when you need one. @Tristan Walsh
  13. Graphics design needed

  14. Graphics design needed

    And wait? You Play Rainbow?
  15. Graphics design needed

    Can hook you up if you wish, pm me the game and colours and I'll get to work!