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    1. Emita memes

    2. Twitch Approved My Emote

      Raaaddddiccullll duuuuuuuudeeee
    3. Emergency Vehicle Lighting

      Hello! I'm not sure if this is possible but I would really hope to see EVL to be brighter/more improved if this were to be implemented. Basically I think that Emergency Vehicles have really dull lights, however some look great at night. I think there could be a reshade or some kind of graphic/texture revamp that would improve lighting for Emergency Vehicles. I understand that some people probably wouldn't be able to run it. However, we could make it optional to use a mod that would allow the lights to look better.
    4. Thanks to the development team!

      I think that was a film. Like that was worth an oscar lmao.
    5. Cinematic Shots of Emita (Arma 3)

    6. ♫ I'm so excited, and I just can't hide it ♫

      <3 for Emita
    7. Cinematic Shots of Emita (Arma 3)

      Looks, great! So excited for Emita.
    8. New Rule Suggestion

      User: Alsing Reason: Please state a reason behind - "+1" Signed: Robot
    9. New Rule Suggestion

      I agree with this.
    10. Matt Comms/Dispatch

      This I would do.
    11. Matt Comms/Dispatch

      Because there's no need.
    12. Matt Comms/Dispatch

    13. Arma-roleplay New Map

      Looks amazing Tyler.
    14. Better lighting mod

      Love it. Would love to see in game. Not sure if this affects Emergency Lighting but still very nice.