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  1. ♫ I'm so excited, and I just can't hide it ♫

    <3 for Emita
  2. Cinematic Shots of Emita (Arma 3)

    Looks, great! So excited for Emita.
  3. New Rule Suggestion

    User: Alsing Reason: Please state a reason behind - "+1" Signed: Robot
  4. New Rule Suggestion

    I agree with this.
  5. Matt Comms/Dispatch

    This I would do.
  6. Matt Comms/Dispatch

    Because there's no need.
  7. Matt Comms/Dispatch

  8. Arma-roleplay New Map

    Looks amazing Tyler.
  9. Better lighting mod

    Love it. Would love to see in game. Not sure if this affects Emergency Lighting but still very nice.
  10. Revival Percentage/Realism

    This could be replaced with Ace Medical.
  11. Ace Medical System

    Self-explanatory. We need a new medical system which doesn't consist of just reviving people without doing anything. Please like for ESU!
  12. ESU: Escorting

    Listen bud, this is just about people going AFK, this is not about people not following the rules stated above, however many people do not follow those rules. Also, our SOP's would be updated to the new updates. We have many strict policies about abusing powers as ESU and we take our roles as EMS seriously. Another thing, if you haven't noticed we can't move restrained people and restrained people can't move. Police do not need to be doing our jobs by escorting them onto the strecher off of it, then into the hospital bed. No need for negativity @WolfgangBirkner.
  13. ESU: Escorting

    Hello! I would like to put this out there, that it gets very annoying when ESU always has to call police to escort people to the stretcher(if AFK) or to get off the stretcher. This would also apply to like putting civilians into vehicles(stretchers). This just makes it easier on us because we would be able to do this in real life to help the person walk over to the stretcher(escorting if unconscious or just helping them to the stretcher). We would then be able to "Put civilian in car" to help them onto the stretcher, also allowing us to take them off when they arrive at the hospital. 50% of our patients go AFK in the time that they are in medical custody so this would just be a nice feature to add. I know other people do support this topic, and would love to see that love spread on this topic.
  14. Revival Percentage/Realism

    I agree.