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  1. Here is my opinion about all the points made in the main post: 1. I 100% agree with removing the green names, there is not a reason for them. 2. I disagree with removing people's name above their head. The reason for this is because it is easier to identify your friends and fellow officers when the name can be seen. I understand that the name could be used for metagaming however, that would be against the rules 3. I do like the idea of this. However, it does depend on how it is carried out. I would like to see a form of police computer where we would have to type in the suspect's name to see if they are wanted and stuff. However having fake id's I am not too big a fan off, as I feel like it would be overused in most cases. 4. It would be awesome if cops could add people to the wanted list, I 100% agree. 5. This goes back to the point where I would like to see a police computer where you can see if people are wanted and stuff. So I again 100% agree. 6. I disagree on this, as I feel like in some cases there would be a bias towards police officers. 7. This is an excellent idea. I would like if police officers would be able to carry out warnings that would be shown on a police computer. As well I would also like it to show all previously given tickets. 8. I really do like the idea of this. As long as it does not lessen the change too much as in real life, there would must likely still be traces of DNA, bullet cartridge, etc
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