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    1. New DOC

      A lot better. I think the helipad needs to be looked over again as I can see many PD crashing their helis
    2. PUBG Chicken Dinners

    3. Community In-game Event

      Hey all! The events team will be hosting an in game event on the 9th of September (Saturday) at 8PM UK time! We expect the event to run smoothly and end just short of 30 to 45 minutes, but we have reserved the hour incase it runs over. We hope to see you all there, like always prizes will be provided to the winners! Good luck!

      My response:
    5. Cadet #1 Exam 01/09/2017

      Noted by HR - 01/08/2017
    6. Cadet #2 Exam 01/09/2017

      Noted by HR - 01/09/2017
    7. Firearm Training 30/08/2017

      Instructor: Blitz Melborn Trainee's Name & Badge Number: Snr. S. Warburton [209] Short Range (Pass/Fail): Pass Long Range (Pass/Fail): Pass BAC Course (Pass/Fail): Pass Maze Course (Pass/Fail): Pass Overall (Passed/Failed): Passed
    8. Cadet #1 Exam 30/08/2017

      FTO’s Attended: Blitz Melborn Name: Oliver Moore Test Score: 22/25 88% Test Score Screenshot: https://gyazo.com/ca49705d1657cc66cce3a1e4bd919650 Overall (Passed/Failed): Passed
    9. Cadet Phase 2 Training 29/8/2017

      Noted by HR - 29/08/2017
    10. Cadet Exam #1 29/08/2017

      Noted by HR - 29/08/2017
    11. Cadet #1 Exam 27/08/2017

      FTO’s Attended: Blitz Melborn Name: Red Dev Test Score: 23/25 92% Test Score Screenshot: https://gyazo.com/ad090bbe2bd89276d66e1871d7c24307 Overall (Passed/Failed): Passed
    12. Cadet Phase 2 Training - 28/08/2017

      FTO’s Attended: Blitz Melborn Trainee Name: Patrick Pac Overall (Pass/Fail): Pass Notes (If Applicable):
    13. Cadet #1 Exam 28/08/2017

      FTO’s Attended: Blitz Melborn Name: Patrick Pac Test Score: 20/25 80% Test Score Screenshot: https://gyazo.com/b1c746ed949a0dc367197c5ff64fdb11 Overall (Passed/Failed): Passed
    14. Aviation Training 28/08/2017

      Instructor: Anele Scream Trainee's Name & Badge Number: Lt. N. Blackwell [136] Flying Skills: Pass Circling Tower (Pass/Fail): Pass Landing:(Pass/Fail): Pass Overall (Passed/Failed): Passed
    15. Holden Forest - Promotion Report

      Officer's Details Name: Holden Forest Badge Number: 203 Department: City Police Current Rank: Ofc. New Rank: Snr. Reason for the promotion: Officer has good knowledge of SOPS, very active, has been a general pleasure to have in the department. Promoting Officers Details Name: Blitz Melborn Badge Number: 141 Name Of IA Officer Consulted: Alex Signature BMelborn