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  1. Major Upcoming Changes [MAP CHANGE]

    Here's the fan made trailer we made! We understand that it's not perfect, but it's to get everyone hyped for the map change!
  2. Rule Suggestions

    Going to make this brief but I kind of want a points system added. Depending on what rule they break/how they act they get points. Then it leads to specific punishments.
  3. Community Setup Wars / Tech help.

    My specs: - CPU: AMD FX 8300 @ 4.2Ghz - PSU: 600 Watt EVGA - GPU: GTX 1060 Strix 6GB - Case: CIT Dragon 3 (white) Setup:
  4. Welcome! So what is this thread for? Simple! I'm making this thread for all those tech enthusiasts and PC builders out there that want to share their builds with the community. I mainly would like to do this because I feel like there isn't really anywhere on the forums at the moment where we can all group together to share everything PC related. Not only will you have fun fighting against others for the setup King, you can also ask for advice and help with technical and setup related issues. How do you win? So, how this is going to work is each month I will be noting all builds and what they consist of. The build/setup that is most loved by the community and if I like it will be concluded as the winner. The winner will receive $1,000,000 in-game cash to spend on whatever they like. Please note that you can win more than once so remember to enter each month. How do I get involved!? So! You're all ready with your PC specs, pictures of your setup and killing each other for that in game cash! How do you enter? Follow these guidelines: 1. Firstly, you will need to provide everyone with a list of your PC specs! You could include: 1. PSU 2. CPU 3. GPU 4. Case 5. Any additional/unique changes made to any parts. 2. Secondly, you will need to provide everyone with the best part of it all. The pictures! Try to include: 1. A picture of the PC (Inside/outside) 2. A picture of the whole setup (try to include as many peripherals as possible) 3. A picture of your poor attempt to cable manage. Winners (Will be updated each month) Julys winner: N/A
  5. New Rule Suggestion

    Hey Shreve, I personally think that should be a rule implemented as I can see how it can be a problem. However, I've never personally had any issues with this problem, so I don't know if it's that big of a deal. Thanks for your suggestion anyways.
  6. Medkits Rule change

    I see a lot of problems with having this rule changed, one of them being that EMS are there for a reason (regardless if they're online or not). However, I also how this would increase roleplay as your gang would not have to go re-stock to continue the fight. Thanks for the suggestion
  7. PC Problems!

    OMFG that worked! I re-encoded the x1375 chipset and re-wried the innercoder and I've had no problems! Thank you so much for you help. Now the only thing left to do is to make a hole in my monitor, then I'll basically have VR!
  8. PC Problems!

    I ran the default ram tedy that comes with windows and it was fine. I’ll give that sgo.
  9. PC Problems!

    I feel like I have good air flow.
  10. PC Problems!

    Got three drives ? 2 1tb hdds and a ssd
  11. PC Problems!

    25-30 idle, 45-50 under load on the CPU. My GPU has three different modes. I normally run it on silent which allows the GPU to use its passive cooling capabilities to lower the sound of the GPU until it reaches a point set (50 degrees) which it will then turn the fans on.
  12. Arma-roleplay New Map

    I believe it said somewhere that you are allowed to get into contact with them and ask for permission. Speak to @Alex
  13. Arma-roleplay New Map

    I 100% with you on everything you have said which is why in my personal opinion the map should be upgraded to the new modern one.
  14. PC Problems!

    So, for a long while now my pc has been slowly dying! It all started when my PC was having problems starting and then would crash all the time. My GPU (1050ti) died only recently after having it for 6 months so I upgraded to a 1060. After the pc freezing all the time I’ve taken it all apart to reput it back together with cable management as a key point. Any help would be appreciated. Specs: GTX 1060 AMD FX 8300 @ 4.2 1.325V - (Hyper 212 evo cooler) 16Gbs RAM 600watt evga psu 2x 1tb WD blue hdd 1x 250gb ssd asrock 970m pro3 (Motherboard)
  15. Arma-roleplay New Map

    Maybe not change from Lakeside. Just upgrade it to the modern version.