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    1. [IRA] Dylan O'Fell is this Goodbye?

      You will always be the daddy of the IRA
    2. PUBG Chicken Dinners

    3. Balance & Money making

      Its still roleplay if there's initiation.
    4. Balance & Money making

      If robbing the bank or doing heists isn't roleplay, why havent they been removed yet?
    5. Balance & Money making

      A lot of people do find that fun. I personally prefer doing bank or jewellery store etc.
    6. Balance & Money making

      Getting a decent car, a good gun with gear, a house etc. People play civ to have fun, not to spend hours doing diamond/sand everytime they want to do something.
    7. Balance & Money making

      Well there's nothing else to do.
    8. Balance & Money making

      So basically screw civs and make it easier for cops. No thanks lol.
    9. Change the punishments for illegal things.

      Jail sentences are too long on this. The roleplay on this server is nearly non-existent anyway so why they have long jail sentences baffles me. ...
    10. Tolo Chang Is Back

      Welcome back Tolo! I would say lets make more safehouse memes but safehouse is complete shit now.
    11. Emita Cops Teaser Trailer (Unofficial)

      Great vid.
    12. SWAT Guns

      I think they should have to same approach they had to SWAT on A2. They gave them really good weapons but restricted their movement. The whole point of SWAT is to have a better trained and better equipped force available, not giving them superior weapons stops them from doing their job imo.
    13. Rule Suggestion

      Yeah, desync ramming can be a pain.
    14. Dont delete this one ty xoxo

      That first guy you shot has an incredible arm reaction.
    15. Furniture

      Being able to place furniture in houses would be amazing.