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  1. My Return | Mike Hardin/Mark Stavaros

    Welcome Back (in a Teamspeak voice)
  2. Teamspeak Issue

    Why is the Teamspeak Icon the same as ILG/ILL shouldnt it have been changed to AR here's a screenshot
  3. For sure Keep in mind I was recording on a potatoe PC back then
  4. Ripping off My A2 series Eh?
  5. shoutbox removed?

    It was.....I have a feeling it was due to me spamming it .
  6. Best Cops Ever In Emita

    That's the advice I give to kids don't end up like Dorsan
  7. Best Cops Ever In Emita

    Favorite Line I'm Dorsan Fuck Off
  8. Rule Suggestions

    That is after we have revived you mate when a situation is over we say code 4 I see u conveniently stopped recording just before I said that
  9. Rule Suggestions

    You are not blacklisted from being revived by EMS no one is nor will ever be and we would appreciate you if you didn't make such statements as it is utterly false. If you don't believe me and want to talk it up with someone higher than supervisor you can speak with @Pat Omally who is the director of ECES and will repeat the exact same thing I just did. P.S I revived ur family 3 times yesterday with the exception of those who combat logged so IDK what you mean by blacklisted
  10. Blacksmith camping

    But not a location for an actual Dealer and if they did the dealer would find another place
  11. Well my point here is it doesnt make sense that EMTs cant revive people after safehouse is over
  12. Blacksmith camping

    Well the talk seems to be about other civs camping it but one thing for sure is that cops should not be allowed to camp just because IRL a cop would not know the location
  13. Id like to add that once safehouse has ended allow ESU to revive civs I mean it makes no sense that once the civ cop deathmatch is over we are still not allowed to revive anyone. And if we are going to be considering it a major crime then most likely cops would like to have the dead civs revived to be taken to jail
  14. Your answer sounded salty but i 100% agree
  15. Make Houses Cheaper

    Now I got the fulll story nice...BTW communicating with ppl on steam whilst in game is considered meta gaming
  16. Make Houses Cheaper

  17. Nerf Cops - LEAVE YOUR OPINION

    I can't tell you how many times I've seen a civ overpower a cop on the server. Just Friday it happened 3 times, cops are not OP I feel that there is a fair balance between cops overpowering civs and civs overpowering cops and thats coming from me as a neutral outsider looking in. This isn't the first time I've seen such rants and I would not be surprised if the next one is all about demilitarising the ESU, but it comes to a point where we need to use logic, obviously if one civ is trying to take on 5 cops it isnt them being OP its just how police forces work. This is an RP server we are meant to replicate real life and IRL (in America and Canada at least) its very rare for one criminal to take on the entire police force and get out alive.
  18. ESU missions

    The main Issue right now with ESU is the death timer being too low which is being worked on but for sure in coming updates that would be great ideas
  19. And if we go with that then the request medic button should be gone altogether and you should have to wait 15 minutes unless a passerby calls us
  20. So people may have noticed my discussion about the death timer. One thing that just crossed my mind recently is the rule below : 6.0.5 - You must always value your life. You are, however, allowed to fight for your life. if you are required to value your life would it not be considered breaking rules not requesting a medic when you died. If you value your life you should always make every possible effort to preserve it
  21. Read the thread i literally just explained this
  22. What other situation u thinking off
  23. this is what i tell trainees lets say you get shot you wont die right away but you are bleeding and you wont lose consciousness until you have lost more blood so in the meantime you could prolly grab a cellphone and dial 911
  24. They are not technically dead at that point just unconscious