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  1. Where are the players at m8?

    One more thing, whenever a thread got critical of the Longs, the fact that staff chose to lock it instead of addressing the problem was what caused players to feel gang Bias. There have been complaints we players know that much but whether staff was dealing with them or not well didn't seem like they were doing much. In case I have not made myself clear enough allow me to illustrate. The photo below shows what most players feel is happening
  2. Where are the players at m8?

    As mentioned before I'm being honest here, there are plenty of other RP servers out there and if ppl don't like it here they'll go elsewhere get comfortable and not want to come back even if things eventually get fixed. I have been on multiple other servers where staff are not as lenient with people clearly abusing the system (AND ANYONE READING THIS KNOWS WHICH GANG IM TALKING ABOUT) and let me say they've survived much longer. For example someone who disconnects their internet to inconspicuously combat log would have faced much harsher punishment. Here ,I had proved to the staff that a certain player had gone for extended periods with no internet issues and those issues just "magically" started when he was arrested and on top of that proving that it was not the first time these "internet issues" happened at such convenient moment. Well, the staff moved the two of us down to problem solved and then poked me with "I know he's lying but there isn't much I can do". Well things like this get frustrating, you are playing the game fairly only for someone else to ruin it for you because of rule breaking. The issue at hand here isn't about people not getting banned its about ppl not learning their lesson. Ok they forgot about the rule once thats fine, but it can't keep happening over and over again and staff can't keep turning a blind eye to "Keep the playerbase" especially when its a clear case of abuse. @DaJackal these issues won't solve themselves unless staff start actively taking action and in my 100% honest opinion people won't just come back, in my personal experience when I first left this community back on Arma 2, coming back was never part of the plan I just did it because a friend who was a member of staff at the time was practically begging me to come back. Now I am leaving for a job contract and I doubt their will be anything left to come back to in 8 months when I return.
  3. Where are the players at m8?

    I said that as an anticipation to what people would say when I brought up ESU Maybe I should have put quotation marks around. If I didn't find ESU important I would never have been part of it and for significant portion of time the only active member nor would I have tried to fix it (I left because of how much of a mess it became but I am not saying its unimportant).
  4. Where are the players at m8?

    *Disclaimer* Sorry for sounding like an asshole but at least someone on this website has to start speaking the truth Today is a Saturday meaning no school, this is a screenshot taken today of a full community(keep in mind even on the first day of school they looked like this and if I had Scrolled down there would be more players ) https://gyazo.com/15cc7e10b3f3957363c34cbd4445b5a1 And this is us on a Saturday https://gyazo.com/9c5849cb5ca4c9192b644e1c42268505 To me its a clear cut why the community isn't doing well and its because of the numerous issues ruining player experience, we are aware of them but chose to do nothing. I've tried multiple times to contact higher ups to get them to fix things with the server a specific example was ESU , I even messaged someone pretty high up(you know who you are) about the issues with it but nothing was ever done and for the next 2 months 1 ESU got on(for about 1-2 hours a day and sometimes he didnt come on at all). "Ok but thats just ESU its not an important faction" ok if thats the general consensus well why don't we take a look at the civs, the server has literally turned into a giant gang controlled map, that is in no way RP, I have been on hardcore RP servers(which AR claims to be) and they do not have the issues we have here where all civs want to do is take a cop hostage. When I was on Citylife they made guns and the required licencing expensive and money hard to get so people would have to work hard to get a gun and once they did they'd use it wisely to avoid losing it, another good thing about that server is they did not have NLR so eventually civs would go to jail for their crimes no matter how long ago it was (and there was no cap on jailtime, ppl literally went to jail for 48 hours at times not saying to do that but 150 minutes is too low). To some this whole system seems stupid but this actually encourages proper RP when the penalty is high both in terms of jail time and financially people are less likely to shoot at and take cops hostage more frequently than they take a breath. Finally the punishment system has to be stricter (Had the Longs been on a server like Citylife they would have been permabanned the next day, I don't get why its a 6 hour ban here). So this is me once again trying to fix the community I did my part by suggesting this its up to staff to implement it, if this community dies out no one will ever be able to say I didn't try cuz thats the one thing I did.
  5. Roleplay is dead.

    @Stryker in case you dont believe me just look at the convenient timing of this internet disconnection. Needless to say nothing ever happened
  6. Roleplay is dead.

    Its pathetic when a moderator doesn't know the rules himself 5 or less means that if there are 5,4,3,2 or 1 cop online then no Major crime should happen including hostage taking had there been 6 it would have been ok but there are 5 so there should be no major crime. I agree with Stryker regardless of what staff may say, the issue with this community isn't that "School has started so the playerbase has been reduced" its Saturday ffs and look at how many players are on https://gyazo.com/9c5849cb5ca4c9192b644e1c42268505 (that number is one) by contrast look this screenshot of another community whose name has been blacked out before ppl scream advertising also taken today https://gyazo.com/2eabf95c167828b1fe4a164681042b61 I'd love to see how people are going to argue school on a Saturday. People are more than welcome to live in denial but there comes a point where facts are gonna hit you hard in the face. But back to Stryker's story, first of all these people are in the wrong since they committed a major crime with only 5 cops on(keep in mind I was not involved in this situation so there's no conflict of interest here which is more than i can say for some ppl who commented on this thread). Second of all he clearly stated he just wanted to impound the car and wanted nothing else and they got out and took him hostage. @Stryker only question I have for you mate is why didn't u disconnect your internet I mean nothing would ever happen to anyone disconnecting their internet just like nothing happens to people glitch dying at DOC, just claim your house got struck by lightning if you get pulled up to a help room and worse case scenario you get a 32 minutes ban which will get reduced to 16 minutes https://gyazo.com/4bee8cf1ce4ca8dbceb441bc2bcee2dd (read the last line of this appeal keep in mind Jimmy's the hacker and Matty Rdmed the whole cop force).
  7. Where are the players at m8?

    If you look at servers that have a big playerbase(roughly the size we had before this massive leave) they are populated year round because ppl just get home from school and hop on. I doubt school would have such a big effect on a community this big a leave is more likely due to things like Hammond mentionned. On a more personal note hows back to school in North Korea?
  8. Where are the players at m8?

    I stopped playing because of a job offer others left because of issues with PD and certain gangs
  9. SWAT be like....

    Nothings beats this
  10. Tolo Chang Is Back

    LOL i cant even get ingame anymore
  11. 3rd Person

    Like this ?
  12. Tolo Chang Is Back

  13. Rule Suggestion

    This is bound to cause issues at DOC, when prisonners start running around and start glitching, the tazer just does not work so I like the system where u can run up and restrain them, and IRL if a cop was standing next to you they'd just forcefully bring your hands behind ur back and cuff you
  14. Holden Forest - LOA request

    Name: Holden Forest Rank: senior Officer Badge Number: 203 Department: City Police Start Date: 2017-09-02 End Date: 2017-09-10 Reason: Its still a big mystery but the internet and phone lines in my neighbourhood were tampered with yesterday afternoon ,which is why I lost connection ingame(during a hostage situation too) local cops are treating it as vandalism but that also means that my internet is going to be screwed for the next couple days. I called my provider and they said their tech will be out sometimes between Tuesday and the 10th to fix the lines, I will still be on TS and the website because I'll be using internet at work, data on my phone and possibly at the public library and will let you know if the tech comes out early and the issue is resolved but I would not count on it. Signature: Holden Forest
  15. Rule Suggestion

    Ok So I can't see where the rule suggestion thread is so im putting this here. So I have noticed for a while now that people seem to be abusing desync. For example, during police chases some people will intentionally drive in a zig zag pattern to "confuse" the server which results in cop cars blowing up when they try to ram or sometimes blowing up without even touching them. I think that there should be stricter rules in place which clearly define what is considered abuse and what is not(I understand that some bugs and glitches are unavoidable but we can certainly prevent cases where it is being exploited). Please leave thoughts comments or other opinions
  16. Scream's Videos

    So Scream is banned from the website and asked me to post these vids on his behalf http://plays.tv/video/59a73f96959fd53e50/sad http://plays.tv/video/59a73f4c279c83e491/gottem
  17. Scream's Videos

    AH u meant the one with the cop car lets make a player report
  18. Scream's Videos

    He never used it as a weapon he just hit them, no one died no one was given any advantages
  19. Hey folks, so I seem to be having this weird issue with my game, and this issue does not occur randomly(like most issues) but seems to happen at a very specific instant in game which makes it one of the weirdest issues ive seen (considering I was tech support on A2). But anyways what seems to happen is that whenever I'm in game and I get robbed,arrested,taken hostage or killed my internet just stops working, at first I thought it was a service provider issue so I called them but they told me that it wasn't a provider issue(not sure I believe them, they don't seem to know what they are doing). I tried power cycling my modem but that did not help it at all, so I looked online for an answer and what seems to be happening is that there's a ghost or some sort of magic force disconnecting my internet and what makes it creepier is that it knows the exact moment that I am being robbed,arrested,taken hostage or killed so I went ahead and called an exorcist who did everything from the holy water to my head going around 360 degrees but a few days later I still noticed my internet shutting off when I am being robbed,arrested,taken hostage or killed. At first I thought it was just me but(and this makes the matter so much worse) other players are also having this issue!!!!!!!!!!! I honestly don't know what to do at this point, has anyone resolved this issue because I have tried anything. Any help is much appreciated. EDIT: The issue seems to have gotten worst, back when the respawn button could still be pressed when an EMT revived you there was no issue,but now that this feature was disabled the internet also cuts off while an EMT revives me and in some situations the entire game crashes. Please help me fix this!!!!!!!
  20. Furniture

    Considering ur prolly don't have IKEA furniture in North Korea it would let u experience it for the first time in ur life
  21. Scream's Videos

    Scream went civ bowling http://plays.tv/video/59a7403fc626676a41/rekt
  22. Mate didnt u learn anything from tech support.....In all fairness it is a fucked up issue
  23. Money

    Not rlly
  24. Money