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    1. Roleplay is dead.

      Fellas lets keep it civil here alright, keep it to discussions, any rule breaks should have been reported at the time of the incident. if this thread turns into an argument it will need to be locked
    2. To add to what leo said im sure there is a way to stop people that have been killed but need to be revived getting the money, if it is possible we will add it
    3. Community Setup Wars / Tech help.

      CPU - intel I7 4790 3.6GHz GPU - EVGA GTX1070 FTW 8GB GDDR5 Ram - 16GB Storage - 1TB Moniter 1 - Benq Zowie 24 Inch Moniter 2 - Samsung SncMaster BX2031 20 Inch Keyboard - Logitech G510S Mouse - Razer Ouroboros Headset - Plantronics Gamecon Drawing Pad - Wacom Intuos Pro Medium Camera - Canon EOS 700D
    4. Revival Percentage/Realism

      I feel that this would be a good addition but I'm not sure on how easy it would be to develop. @CMC. Smith?
    5. Where is the Staff Punishment Guide?

      As has been said we do not have a written public staff punishment guide as we put our staff through and extensive training stage before they reach the ranks to be giving bans on their own, but if you feel that the reason that you were banned for was wrong you can put in a staff report on the forums or contact a Community Manager or Owner to get the issue sorted. we will not be adding a staff punishment guidelines as every situation is different and in the end, if you did break the rules then you deserve any punishment that is given within reason.
    6. Locked Channels and Movable Tag

      Just to clarify, Police and ESU Training channels, Exam channels and other such channels of that nature are allowed to be locked, but must only be used for their purpose.
    7. Hello All, I am writing this today in regards to the use of locked channels and the use of the movable tag and tier X donators. Locked Channels So to start off with is going to be addressing the use of locked channels. as a community we have always wanted to make this community open and friendly, somewhere new players can come find new friends. but with the recent updates to the server and emergency services we have seen the addition of personal channels, which have allowed you to put a password on. since this has happened I have seen a rise of people hiding away in there locked channels, which is not want we want to aim for in this community. so from this point on you may not put a password on your channel, this goes for all Police channels, ESU channels, Gang channels, Retired Staff channels or any other private channel on teamspeak. the exception to this is for Meeting Room's, but these may only be used when talking about department-specific stuff, and may not use it just to talk to your friends. this all said you may keep channel status such as, [OPEN] - You may Enter Freely [Limited] - You must ask permission to Enter [Closed] - You may not Enter [DND] - Do not Poke/Message or enter Channel Status:[Closed] If you have an issue with someone entering your channel and not leaving when ASKED POLITELY then ask a staff member to move them out or just mute them. if you are found to be abusing locked channels then you may have your privilege to use them revoked. Movable For Tier X If this does not apply to you, you're not required to read it. So this is a rather simple one, but with the recent introduction of our new donation privileges the Tier X donation level now has the ability to move people with the movable tag. if this is used to harass and/or bully on any level then the Person(s) responsible for doing so risk punishment of losing their donator status or removal from the server Kind Regards, HP Community Manager
    8. The Magic Of Photoshop

      In only 15 minutes I was able to make a photo look completely different, It goes to show how hard nowadays it is to trust photos we see
    9. New Website Tags

      Please Leave Feedback
    10. Farewell

      If i remember correctly a few weeks back you said to me "hp if you retire ill come to australia and beat you up". Welp looks like im going to America.
    11. Server is dead

      Guys there is no need to be argueing on this thread