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  1. Cinematic Shots of Emita (Arma 3)

    Looking Good, Just cant wait to see the new Fire Truck Skins Which are kindly being made by @Alsing.
  2. New Maps, New Rules, New Developers

    I Thank you for your honesty. We Do try to RP On the server both in capacity of LVESU & While we are working along with the DOC as Auxiliaries. But i must say everytime we try to roleplay now we revive, then either 1. You run away or 2. You Fail RP so hard its unbelievable. Like this is what we hear most of the time, "i dont need to go to hospital", now for some instances this is true but you got to think this is somewhat of an Roleplay server, and if you have just been involved in a shootout with cops or whatever, Saying you dont need to go to hospital is an understatement. We Revive you we have a panel we can bring up if you have any diseases or fractures or have brain swelling we are going to take you back who cares if you think your are alright your not and in our policies we set out for LVESU we have to follow them. Its the Fact My LVESU Members dont want to play anymore because both Civs & Cops wont Roleplay with them however much the ESU Member tries. I'm sure me and other ESU Members feel this way, but i have to agree a new map will freshen it up not just new members but will bring back the population again it will be a new map for the server everyone will spend hours each night working the ways to do things what and how to go about their lives again. But not just a map change will do it unless the roleplay itself picks itself back up again then i feel we are at a dead end. This is not aimed towards anyone in particular thats why I said Civs & Cops, you know who you are and even if you say you dont do it, i bet you do. You just want to look like a good player. And i understand that but giving people a hard time when they are trying to roleplay is a bit harsh.
  3. until
    This is a MANDATORY EVENT, It was scheduled last week also but no attendance, from most people expected, So this is the last time I try this. Captains & Lieutenants, from PD-All Depts. & ESU, along with ECES High Command, and State Command from PD are expected to attend this team building exercise. If you cannot attend this exercise please contact ESU High Command, or PD State Command. Please RVSP.
  4. Change use of Restrain

    If you were at the community meeting last night you would have listened to the new thing that is i nthe works of a way of tackling someone, so this will change this altogether really.

    Hello everyone. So as you might know, I have been assigned the role of Lieutenant of HR. This means that I will now be leading the HR department, from here on out. Due to all of the changes I would like to announce a MANDATORY HR MEETING. 6/10/2017 - 8PM UK Time Mark it down lads, this is important. Kind Regards, Lt. Tom Kirkman, LVESU HR.
  6. ECES: Divisional Training

    This will be training done by at least 2 FTO's, And could be any one of the following Training sessions: Air Support, Search & Rescue & First Responders. More information will be posted on the ECES Forums. Times are subject to change.
  7. Never leave your Kiwi unattended

    RETEST, RETEST, RETEST, Do they not teach you when you land a helicopter to turn off the engine?? :-P
  8. Attempt At A Server Trailer

    I think it's great Wizz
  9. You need to poke Ellis on TS, to get your Website Tags.

  10. Server is dead

    I honestly don't know where your getting at with your rage about the Medics I spent a lot of time INGAME as a Medic as I have interest for nothing else so your facts are clearly wrong about no medics being online ever. As for the structure and the equipment we have I do agree on most of the time we respond to an emergency we arrive just as they have respawned which is becoming annoying hence why I understand it's really only me that plays LVES now on.