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  1. Community Setup Wars / Tech help.

    I build it myself Daeron. It was a tight fit in that case though.
  2. Community Setup Wars / Tech help.

    Robin's Setup Computer Specs CPU: Intel Core i7-4790k @ 4.00GHz (Going to overclock it someday) GPU: Nvidia GTX 780 Motherboard: MSI Z97 PSU: Corsair RM750x 750W RAM: Corsair Vengeance Pro DDR3 2400MHz 2x8GB; -Some other RAM stick 2x4GB - Total 24GB SSD: Samsung 850 PRO 124GB HDD: Seagate (Something) 1TB Case: NZXT H440 CPU Cooler: Corsair Hydro Series H100i Peripherals Monitors: Philips 27" LED 271 S7QJMB/00 x2; -Samsung 27" LED S27E390HS Keyboard: Razer BlackWidow Chroma Mouse: Razer Ouroboros Mouse Pad: SteelSeries QcK Prism Headset: Logitech G933 Snow Edt. Microphone: Blue Yeti Studio; -Radius II (shock-mount) -The Pop (Pop filter) -Røde PSA1 (Studio Arm) Pictures:
  3. Medkits Rule change

    CPR and First aid are some pretty generic things most people learn in school or through something different, such as your workplace or a spear time activity. I have been through at least three courses so far, two of them was through school. And I will most likely have one with my job soon.
  4. Arma-roleplay New Map

    If we switch to Emita like @Hoxton suggested then it would bring back alot of the old ILG / ILL players, because i remeber alot of them saying they would come back if we made Arma 3 Emita.
  5. PC Problems!

    Just getting a new cpu cooler would help alot, something smaler but more effective like a watercooler perhaps. I would recomend a Corsair H100i, i have one myself it workes grate and i have not had any problems with it.
  6. Creatable gangs

    I was thinking about the exact same, and I believe this would be a great addition to the very simple gang menu we have now.
  7. Taking A bit of a stepback

    I hope you will enjoy the time off Luck.
  8. PvP Timer - New Players

    If it was made like on Arma 2
  9. Balance Suggestion

    What i meant was the rest of the gangs align themslef with LATO to fight the two big groups. Fight then in many ways, not just with guns but also with spreding thier own propaganda. Minipulate the people of Lakeside, make them belive in your cause insted of someone elses cause.
  10. Balance Suggestion

    If LATO gets the other gangs with them, then there would be more gang vs gang fights instend of just gangs shoting cops. And if more gangs are around in general it would give more space for gang vs gang.
  11. Balance Suggestion

    Or we can strait up remove them so people only can complain about how bad they are.
  12. Crushed DividedByZero's dreams

    The funny thing is, he didn't even remember why he hated you.
  13. mONEY

    Go for meth
  14. How do u set up shadowplay

    Luck contact me in ts and i will help you.