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  1. Arma-roleplay New Map

    I Agree Lakeside is a WAY Big map for our population, if we switched to seaside their will be alot more entertainment, and most likely the effect would be that the server will grow.
  2. Happy Birthday!

  3. PC Problems!

    freezing is most likely ram... When ram starts to fail it usually freezes or crashes. I would run a program called memtest you put it on a dvd or Flash Drive and boot onto that and It will test your ram. Try That and hopefully that will help determine what is happening.
  4. Im jram117

    Welcome Back!

    Hey man, Welcome To Arma Roleplay!
  6. PD K-9

    I dont know how this would work, or how long it would take to develop, but K-9 should be implemented as a sub division for Lakeside Patrol and state patrol. It would add a whole new experience for drug searching and vehicle searches.