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    1. Where are the players at m8?

      Because its people from ALRP lol
    2. Where are the players at m8?

      Real reason is because of the new Emita Server that has come out. Hence why this keeps getting dossed...
    3. Cleaning your computer awareness

      I learned from my mistakes. I wish your wisdom was available to me sooner. I approached my PC with a Dyson Wireless Hoover thinking my advanced technology was superior to the old wives tales of the fat neck beard nerds. I was wrong. I cleaned that bitch until there was nothing left to clean, shortly thereafter my GPU died in the middle of a police pursuit while harassing Cops at DOC. Static electricity does exist kids. Listen to those fat neck beard nerds (AKA Dorsan) Rest In Piece
    4. Change the punishments for illegal things.

      Its a Government issue. Contact DannyB as hes gonna be the new Mayor. Stop moaning on the forums over everything its actually depressing.........
    5. 3rd Person

      1st person is shit end of story. Everyone benefits near enough equally from 3rd person.
    6. Rule Suggestion

      +1 Longy Combat restraining is annoying and unrealistic. While in combat the only way you are to be restrained should be 1. Being tazed 2. Being knocked out 3.being killed then revived
    7. SWAT Guns

      Probs not the normal rounds thats why they look like they're cutting through them
    8. SWAT Guns

      This is a Department Command decision. If the SWAT Captain hasn't changed it its because of 1 of the 3 reasons; -Just doesn't care -Has been told by community Owner/Manager that he cant -Been told by State Command he cant
    9. Creating Minimalistic Desktop Background

      Thats good! Ill throw u a landscape portrait of my naked body. Nothing to improve just make me glow x
    10. Emita memes

    11. Emita memes

    12. Emita memes

    13. Emita memes

    14. Emita memes

    15. Emita memes