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    1. I just wanted to add, Safehouse is basically just a slaughter for cops, as when we get there we clear the area only to be bombarded by like 15 civs that show up 20 minutes after it starts. I just think it removes some of the serious RP from this server. That's all I have to say on the matter.
    2. I'm Marco and i'm back.

      Welcome back!
    3. Police Force Idea

      Just thought it would make it more realistic, maybe it was a bad idea to begin with.
    4. Police Force Idea

      They would not wait at base, they would patrol the docks for any illegal doings, just like any Port Authority would do IRL.
    5. Police Force Idea

      Obviously, the ECPD would no longer have the boat or jurisdiction out at sea/lake. Also, is Coast Guard even a thing on AR, because I know it was on ILL.
    6. Police Force Idea

      I was thinking that since we would be moving to Emita, and it is located on a shoreline, that we add the Port Authority Division to the police force. The Port Authority would have control over the major ports, and the anything out in the water. It would be their job to respond to any crimes that happen in the port or on the water, whether it be a criminal resisting arrest on a boat to something as simple as a trespasser on the dock. Please add anything you think would help expand this idea. CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM ONLY!
    7. Rabo/Cuba

      Hello, and welcome.
    8. A More Realistic Approach to Gang Bases

      But there are no beds, or a bathroom.
    9. A More Realistic Approach to Gang Bases

      I am paying $250 a night for this piece of shit? Forget your good Yelp review.
    10. A More Realistic Approach to Gang Bases

    11. A More Realistic Approach to Gang Bases

      Hahaha, I bet I will. I just wish it was more deluxe. I would rate it a 1 star playground.
    12. A More Realistic Approach to Gang Bases

      It is pretty good in the aspect of trying to go with a more IRL look, but I just have one question for you: why the playground equipment?
    13. J. Micheals | Who am I?

      Welcome back!
    14. Concerns about emita

      This is a good idea, as in real life I always see the AR's in the officers car, and not on him during a traffic stop.