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J. Micheals | Who am I?

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J. Micheals | Who am I?

I suppose I should start off my saying I'm not exactly new. I've played on this server long ago, back when it was an Arma2 server called ILG and then ILL, I enjoyed my time there back oh I can't remember how many years or months ago.

I suppose I will go into introducing my self formally.

Hi, my name is J. Micheals (J stands for Jake) my old name was Jake Starling, I have changed my name in this community for a fresh start I guess. Not for any specific reason just cause I do I guess, new game new name type of thing. I was born December 14, 2000, I am from Ontario, Canada. I mainly play PC games such as Arma2, Arma3, Day of Defeat. Things like that. My favorite thing to play as on life communities is cop but I also love playing as ESU mainly FD but sometimes EMS. 

So yeah, that's me. If you have any questions feel free to leave them in the comments or PM me.

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Hello Jack!

I would like to firstly welcome you back to the community! 

We've come a long way since ILG and ILL so there are a lot of changes to get use to.

The main change being the rules. We now no longer support the Arma 2 rule set and have changed over to a modern Arma 3 rule set designed for role-play not rule-play.

Please make sure you're up to date with the rules and have a look at some of the changes that will be happening. You can find that here.

Any questions or concerns feel free to contact a staff member on TeamSpeak for support: ts3.arma-roleplay.net

All the best,


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Jay Holmes    25
3 hours ago, BLitZ Melborn said:

Hello Jack!



6 hours ago, J. Micheals said:


Hi, my name is J. Micheals (J stands for Jake)

... Hello Jack xD

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